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  1. No the procedure hasn't changed. If you want to avoid this procedure just carry on and declare going through security
  2. When we were on the Breakaway in Sept the ship has their own K9 unit that does stay on board
  3. Deal or no deal its still tooooooooooooooo expensive and they just about hold you at ransom to buy product.
  4. NCL now calls there so called colossal shrimp there lobster.
  5. I hate the smell of candles just like the smell of smoke, especially coming from a balcony . lmao
  6. Good to hear. I live in d/t toronto and when we go out its constant walking into a cloud of that nasty smelling stuff. I swear that you could roll up donkey doo and smoke it and get the same high.
  7. This is pure BS We have many cruises under our belt and have spoken to many a staff about there e working condition pay etc. And what you saying is and never been part of stass's remarks to us.
  8. Please post what cabin your in?
  9. Use the search engine and type in auto grats.
  10. They will by the time the kids are done.
  11. 19 days South America. The best cruise ever and our cabin was $399.00 and we were upgraded to a balcony free. And the ship still sailed at 75 % capacity. Perfect weather all the way. We then spent 3 days in Valparaíso on the riveria Vina Del Mar at a quint family run hotel hanging over the ocean with great views and not far from their larges casino.. Before going home.
  12. They will have a child's menu that is free. Enjoy
  13. We are flying to YYZ to MIA Jan 11 one day prior to cruise. I intend to post my flight info once i get it. So keep a watch for it.
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