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  1. Carloscafe, I'm with you!! When we sailed the Med on the Epic in 2016 we visited every single port, and it was wonderful! But that cruise was all about the ports. This cruise was all about the Bliss. You'll love staying aboard!! Enjoy!
  2. Happy to oblige!! We loved the Cabin Crawl so much and it really informed our future NCL cruise decisions. Plus Trace's snacks were awesome!! This was a great event and another highlight of our cruise. Thanks again so much for pulling it together and thanks to all who opened up their cabins for showcasing. We loved seeing all the cabins but... that corner balcony Sweatpants showed off.... swoon.....
  3. The Cruise Critic Slot Pull was one of our favorite moments! We got kinda wild. Photos don't do it justice!! Thanks so much for "pulling" this together!
  4. You guys walked those invites around yourselves?? We were so excited to get them. Thank You!!! Wowie!
  5. I'm so happy I finally got to see how that Scavenger Hunt you told us about at the Meet & Greet worked out!! AWESOME!!
  6. So sweet of you to say!! Means a lot and makes writing this up so worth it. Thank you!
  7. Is that you for real??? Hahaha! Wasn't that a fun night? I loved Caliente!
  8. Day 5 - Tortola, BVI - Wednesday, November๏ปฟ 28, 2018, continued! Well, was trying to edit my post but the editing window closed! So here's some foodie photos from our evening at Cagney's. DH had the lamb chops, I had the strip steak, and I''ll never forget those au gratin potatoes... A After this scrumptious dinner, we wandered a bit, saw the terrific piano entertainer in the District Brew House, and ended up at Skyline Bar for our nightcap. We miss you, Skyline Bar Crew!!! Our friends!!!! It's funny, isn't it, how what you thought would be an uneventful day turns out to be so memorable. That's a wrap for Day 5 on the beautiful Norwegian Bliss!
  9. Day 5 - Tortola, BVI - Wednesday, November 28, 2018, continued! After a nice respite at the Mandara Spa Thermal Suite, we changed and went out for the early evening, as we continued to cruise past the BVI and as the sun began to set. The Waterfront is so perfect for sunset strolling and we indulged. The Cavern Club Bar on The Waterfront is so perfect for our mood. Have I told you guys yet how much I love this ship?? The only thing we have planned tonight is an evening at Cagney's, early dinner for 7:00 pm. The place is already crowded. It's just beginning to get a bit hectic and we're starting to think, maybe just bail and go to Los Lobos? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad we waited it out. Cagney's didn't disappoint. Service was a bit slow, but the food was worth it. As much as I enjoyed my steak DH had the lamb chops), the sides were the most memorable to me. Those Au Gratin potatoes? I can still taste them...
  10. Day 5 - Tortola, BVI - Wednesday, November 28, 2018, continued! Our time in Tortola was relatively short, and we began sail-away around 3:00. We headed to the Observation Lounge forward, and found a perfect spot and a really lovely family with which we shared the experience. Yes, I know you will find OL Nappers if you go looking for them, but in our entire week-long experience, and we visited the OL a LOT considering our Deck 15 location, it was never a problem, and we always found a nice area to enjoy. It's such a gorgeous space, and I'm not sure we'll even be able to book a ship that doesn't have the OL again. Encore and Joy, we're looking in your direction... Sigh.... Headed back to the cabin with our Cranberry Mimosas to enjoy our final glimpses of Tortola. Does it get any better than this? No. No, it probably doesn't. Just lovely.
  11. Day 5 - Tortola, BVI - Wednesday, November 28, 2018, continued! While wandering the deck, we ran into our new friend Bruce, who followed us to The Chill Bar, which had just opened, and which was sort of delightfully empty, where we ordered our first real margaritas of the trip. Contrary to a rumor we heard quite often onboard the Bliss, YAAAAAS people, Margaritaville drinks are indeed included in the UBP! So, drink up! Be sure to try lots of different bars onboard Bliss, as many bars have specialties that other bars don't serve. (That adorable blender cup isn't included in the UBP, obvs; it adds $6.00 to your account. Who cares!! I just had to have the thing.) WW We also met our new friend, Josh, at the Chill Bar. Chill Bar is a great place to meet Chill People, people. We spent the rest of the afternoon just lounging about, flitting from here to there and enjoying all the public spaces while most of our fellow cruisers were on shore. We spent an inordinate amount of time gazing at the Bliss Model in the Observation Lounge. So awesome!!
  12. SQUEEEEE!!! Matthew and Susan! I'm updating our review just as I'm reading your wonderful review! So cool that we cruised with Cruise Critic Stars! We loved meeting you both and are so thankful to you for setting up our really great Meet & Greet and SLOT PULL MANIA! Ha! It's going to be so fun to read along!
  13. Day 5 - Tortola, BVI - Wednesday, November 28, 2018 Ohhhh my gawd, we're back again!! Sorry for the delay in updating my Cruise Report, for those following along. WORK WORK WORK I need more PLAY PLAY PLAY but we all know how that goes... So it's Wednesday and we're in Tortola, BVI! So lovely to wake up to these views from our balcony... Swooooon. So lovely to sip our coffee and enjoy these views, no plans, no phone calls, no emails to answer, no deadlines... I didn't get a photo, but we did notice a little orange helicopter outside the ship all morning. Looked to us as though they were maybe filming? It just sort of hovered, and it wasn't terribly noisy, and we noticed it throughout the day. Maybe all of us Bliss Cruisers that week will be featured in a future NCL commercial...? For breakfast (second breakfast!!) today, we headed up to the buffet once more, and found the area pretty quiet. Had another omelette and those hash brown potato pancakes thingies I have unfortunately become addicted to. It's going to be a chill day, so after breakfast, we decided to check out The Chill Bar to match our mood! Oh, no, they don't open until noon! So, let's snap some photos of our surroundings, shall we? Here's the Disney Magic, our only other port-mate this day! She's lovely.
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