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  1. Haha - I am not opposed to children (hence the teacher in me). They are actually fun to watch, but those whiny ten year olds can get to me if it is constant - and why I teach high school 😉
  2. Thank you for these tips! I had not thought to compare the time in port - only the location itself. I have been in Rome several times so that port was not as important to me before, but had not thought about how far from port it is. Now I can see different parts of Italy. Hmmmm - lots to think about.
  3. I wish we could go in spring or fall - I am a teacher so this is a better option. We stay away from February and April vacations for that same reason. It will be nice someday when we can go anytime of the year!
  4. Thank you everyone. I probably should have been more specific with the college and young children. We are not opposed to them we just had a Cruise to Bermuda which was very Heavy loaded college aged and kids who were not being supervised well at all. very good points on itinerary. We will look at the Princess which we did to Alaska. Never cruised with Celebrity. I hadn’t thought of them - might be a good option.
  5. I am hoping to book a Europe Cruise (Spain to Italy or similar) for Summer 2021 and I think I have narrowed it to Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas and NCL Epic. I know the benefits to "Free at Sea" but we don't drink that much and think maybe the differences in ships might make it worth the cost difference. Of course, if you have ideas on other lines, I will accept suggestions, however I think these two have what we want (my husband and I along with another couple - 50's) Things important to me are few: Food - tasty and selections - we usually don't do the specialty dining - some organization to buffet Entertainment - Talent and diversity in types of shows - Some lines have had mediocre talent Not OVERLY crowded - although I know this goes with territory - but do not want college or young children over-running the ship Any help is appreciated!
  6. My husband and I are going on the 4 night Bahamas cruise in February and I wondered if the coffee card is worth it - can it be shared? 15 coffees for 4 night (5 day) is a LOT. How much are the drinks without the card?
  7. "There are many chairs around the beaches at Coco Cay and they all have umbrellas. We wandered off and had no problem at all finding a couple of nice lounge chairs with both trees and a shared umbrella." This is exactly what I was hoping to hear!! and FREE!! even better. Thank you!
  8. My husband and I are going on cruise with RC for the 4 day Bahamas/Coco Cay trip in February. We definitely enjoy the beach and thought a Cabana would be nice, but for $1,000? Is this really cost effective and if we don't get one are there other options? We are not really the Water Park type. Can you just rent an umbrella and set up for the day? Any help is appreciated.
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