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  1. Thanks for the pictures of Quest. She's looking fine! Was on board for a Med cruise. Loved her.
  2. Hello! You will have a wonderful time in Alaska. My husband used a scooter for 15 years to travel everywhere. We mostly went on cruises. We bought Pride Go Go scooters. I could take the scooter apart and put the three parts in our car trunk. He used the scooter to get on and off the ship in ports and ride all around the ship. We also flew with the scooter everywhere. The airlines will not charge you to take the scooter. You can buy one instead of renting. I suppose it depends on whether you need a bigger model than the Pride Go Go. Good luck and have a great time.
  3. I only find Reflection British Isles Veranda $3049 as least expensive listed on the Celebrity site. It is for a 1A cabin. Does anyone know what the price of 2B or lower balcony cabins are? Where can I find these prices? Or are they all booked?
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, Dave. I'll look at the routes on the map. Gridlock is why I'm driving in a day early. 🙂
  5. Will someone please tell me the least difficult way with less delays to drive from Stroudsburg, PA to Cape Liberty on a Saturday? I have searched and found some people recommending route 80 to Garden State Parkway (no trucks) to 95 to 78 or route 80 to 280 to 95 to 78. I haven't driven to Cape Liberty in a few years and wondered if traffic patterns have changed and if people are finding better ways to get from 80 to the port. Thanks alot.
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