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  1. Thank you. I already have the limit purchased in cruise cash to cover the Steakhouse, Chef's table and casino and maybe bingo! 🙂 Plus $50 OBC. We sail Jan 4 for 8 Magic-cal days. I thought about getting Cheers but DH doesn't drink alcohol and I don't want to worry about the bar tab so bar cash maximum it is!
  2. If I purchase bar cash will sodas, specialty coffee and shakes be charged against it or only drinks with alcohol? I already know if it's not all used what is left is not refundable. This is my way of budgeting and do not need opinions on that. The answer will make my decision on how much to purchase. Thank you!
  3. so I have come to the conclusion that I was crazy for considering the cheers package in my situation. After taking pen to paper I will be purchasing $300 in bar cash (already have 500 in cruise cash for steak house, chef's table and casino) and make sure we have an extra 300 available on a. Card if needed. Thank you everyone for your response. I did consider the suggestion to start each day with 3 Bellinis and go from there.
  4. I have decided to get the cheers package for our upcoming 8 night cruise. My husband is a non drinker. Has anyone gotten cheers for two when one doesn't drink? If so did you feel you came close to breaking even? Or was the peace of mind having drinks already budgeted and paid for worth it? I do not want to worry about keeping track of my budget. I want to try some new drinks and don't want to feel wasteful if I don't like something. I also love specialty coffees and mineral waters. My husband does drink a little soda and would also drink some shakes and maybe a Powerade or two. So am I Crazy? I am thinking with his non alcohol beverages, if I request high end pours in my cocktails, coffees, sparkling waters in the mdr and bottled water through out each day I may come close to breaking even or within at least a couple hundred dollars. Up to $200 seems reasonable to me for peace of mind.
  5. It only shows on day 1 because that is when it is"delivered"
  6. I purchased a travel milk frother from Amazon. Milk Frother Handheld, Travel... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FB63V3R?
  7. Allstate drivewise. I do not have that insurance but still earn points to use for discounted cards.
  8. Looking forward to your posts. We sail on her in January,
  9. Looking forward to your review. We are sailing Jan 2020 deck 12 cloud 9 balcony, doing Steakhouse and Chefs Table. Does the Steakhouse offer steak tartar, it's DH's favorite?
  10. mine too and he is very responsive to messenger text and emails. Love him!
  11. I decided to do this for our Jan. 2020 cruise. so far price is close to 200 less than I'm finding on my own. if I do find flights on my own I can cancel it before final payment. that's a win for me. one piece of advice. we are going into FFL the night before. My PCP priced it day before and day of. Day of was cheaper and put us on the same flight that we would have booking the night before. 🙂
  12. Looking forward to the more to come. We will be on the same itinerary January 2020. My DH and I will be on deck 12 in a spa balcony, we will be traveling with another couple they will be staying in a cove balcony. I am very anxious to see their cove balcony as I am considering one for our next cruise. 🙂
  13. As another hotel snob to another (I am a Marriott associate of 17+ years) we loved Carnival. we went on our first cruise on a carnival ship. 2nd on NCL. I can not speak to Royal. our 3rd is booked for January on Magic. I prefer carnival hands down between the two I've been on be because of the crew (both were updated and clean in fact NCL was on a new ship). The carnival crew were friendlier and much more accommodating. they truly seemed happy we were aboard, while on NCL the atmosphere was more they couldn't wait to get the cruise over and get on to the next. (if that makes sense) with that said I have heard carnival=party so I didn't sail spring break or in the summer and did not have that impression.
  14. We just got home from the 12/15 sailing so... I debated about posting my experience about eating at the Haven. Decided to go ahead and do so as it proves attitude is everything. I organized our roll call meet and greet not expecting any perks from NCL. When we got to our cabin found 2 things. 1. a letter from the Hotel Director welcoming us and stating Pam his secretary would be our personal concierge for the voyage. 2. an invite to the captain's reception. we did not attend the reception and did not plan to utilize Pam's services. I did not feel entitled to those amenities. But... my husband loves steak tartare and was hoping maybe it was something he could get on the cruise. I was aware it was on the Haven menu and was hoping to find it in the mdr one night. By wednesday I had checked and found it was not. So I called Pam to see if she could arrange it Thursday evening for him in the Manhatten room. Long story short, she rearranged our Le Bistro reservation to Thursday and escorted us to the Haven Wednesday at 9pm. There were only 2 other tables being served while we there, so it helped me feel less guilty about accepting the "perk" Charlie was able to enjoy the appetizer he looked forward to. When I made my request I did not expect it could be done and only asked so he could maybe have a special treat. I never in a million years expected to eat in the Haven. I made my request with no expectations and was very thankful for receiving it.
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