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  1. did you find that the cost was better in Germany
  2. Has any bought Wusthof knives while in Germany? If so were they allowed to bring back to US
  3. We are doing the Christmas crusie Dec.12-21st but strating in Passau to Budapest. I was wondering about the clothing also. thanks for all the info
  4. Does Viking River cruise have any of the on-board shops that the ocean cruises have? Donna
  5. When does Viking send out all the info for your cruise? We have one booked for December. We are hoping it will show all of the docking times.
  6. Why does Viking River Cruises list there docking times? Do you have plenty of free time in each port? Donna
  7. All I need is a way to let my kids know we are there and doing good and thats all. What kind of phone do you have?
  8. Do the Markets take credit cards of only cash?
  9. We also have T-Mobile.. that good to know. I will have to check on the international plan and see if our phones will be ok
  10. thank you for your help. We were just wanting to be able to use the phone to send a text every now and then to the family to let them know we were there and safe. I will check with your carrier
  11. Are you able to use your cell phone while on the Viking River cruise? In Germany and Budapest?
  12. thank you for all the suggestions. We are doing the Viking Danube 12/14 thru 12/22 We are hoping the see some of the Markets. I am worried about how to pack for that time of the year. I am in Texas and we do not get very cold.
  13. What are some of the best things to buy at the markets that you cant get in the States
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