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  1. I prefer a wheeled duffle bag since I use packing cubes and compression sacks to organize my luggage. The duffle has straps to be worn as a back pack. My carry on bag is a backpack. If needed, I am physically able to carry wear both bags with one on my chest and the other on my back across unpaved surfaces such as beach sand or a gravel path. I have been a backpacker since my elementary days when I started using small stuff sacks to organize my trek pack.
  2. A backpacking pad can be used as described in the OP and would be more durable and less likely to deflate during the night.
  3. Your comments about TABC approved is misleading. Royal doesn't purchase certain brands with the TABC tax stamp based on a business decision (I don't fault Royal for making this decision). Amstel Lite is available throughout the state.
  4. I have used AT&T International Passport plan and the AT&T International Day Pass at $10 per day (24 period). When cruising you are only charged for the days the phone is used to connect to a cell tower.Just another option.
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