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  1. Your comments about TABC approved is misleading. Royal doesn't purchase certain brands with the TABC tax stamp based on a business decision (I don't fault Royal for making this decision). Amstel Lite is available throughout the state.
  2. I have used AT&T International Passport plan and the AT&T International Day Pass at $10 per day (24 period). When cruising you are only charged for the days the phone is used to connect to a cell tower.Just another option.
  3. If your state has an Enhanced driver's license/ID, you can cross by land or port between the US/Canada and US/Mexico. My Texas DL has the gold star which indicates, the DL is the Enhanced DL.
  4. Your statement is so true. When our oldest was a toddler, we were at a convention in Orlando. Everyone would ask if we took him to Disney etc. Our response was no, we just let him ride the multiple escalators for "free" at the convention center. He was happy riding those.
  5. A cruise ship is a Faraday cage. The radio communication distance is very limited without repeaters. The radios are frowned upon because of the loud talking and loud garbled sound from the devices. I have seen an elderly woman telling her husband to hurry since the theater doors are open. Both were garbled communication and she yelled louder into the radio. The 2 pack radios sold in the US should not be used in the EU since the GMRS channels assigned in the US are assigned to emergency services in some EU countries.
  6. Go to the Grape on lower Greenville which is the only time the burger is served. It is the best burger in Dallas. Order a cinnamon roll to complete your food coma.
  7. Under $60 CAD each way for the car. About $15 CAD each way for the passengers. Meals can be purchased on the ferry or you can bring your own.
  8. Last summer we did this trip from DFW to Seattle to Vancouver to Victoria and back. The terminals in Canada are not close to the either city. From Vancouver, you board the Ferry in Tsawwassen. The Butchart Gardens are outside of the city. You will probably spend more than $100 CAD on taxis if you objective is to accomplish this in one day. My sons are piano players so we had to stop at the beach for them to take turns playing the piano on the beach.
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