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  1. It'll be cheaper to book ahead and to make reservations before, because the specialty restaurants fill up quickly. I really loved Moderno with the delicious buffet and all the tasty meats. Not sure if this is standard practice, but all the really good stuff came later when we were all stuffed! But save room for that pineapple!!! OMG it was so gooood! La Cucina was also very good, and Cagney's is a no brainer if you like steak. A lot of folks love Le Bistro, but it's not to my taste. I would definitely take the kids to cirque dreams as there's not a lot of shows geared for kids, I think. It's not expensive with the dining plan. Have fun planning :D
  2. I feel the same. If I see a fresh pie come out the oven at the buffet, I'm down for a slice. Sorrento's on RC was pretty tasty and was always fresh when we went cause it was busy, busy, busy!
  3. David, I totally agree with you! I came back to my cabin a wee bit intoxicated and since there's no hot dog cart (no judging ;p ) onboard, I ordered a pizza and took a bite and spit it out! Hands down the worst food I've had on any ship. Now, the pizza I had on Liberty of the Seas last month at Sorrento's was soooooooo good! NCL should do something about that pizza, it's seriously bad! With the promenade, the pizza, the flow rider, the nightly pool movies, and better beverage package choices... RC will probably be my next choice for a sailing. I have never sailed other than NCL and my recent experience has really opened my eyes!
  4. I don't know why so many people freak out over filling up water bottles. I've seen people get food from the buffet and start eating right there with their hands, then go to the next station and use the next utensils with those same hands they just shoved in their mouth. I will admit that I take the glasses and fill them with water and ice and THEN put them in my water bottle, but I don't see why they don't have a place where one can do this? I can see that one shouldn't fill up a bottle of water that's been emptied, but a big mouth reusable thermos that I actually wash myself in the cabin with soap and water ( no dishwasher needed, I'm it) should be able to be filled up. It's no different than a cup IMHO.
  5. The privacy isn't really an issue with my daughter, it would be if my son were to join us. But I totally agree with you on having our own place because tweens are very temperamental beings and it'll be good to have our own space. I know if my son doesn't come, my daughter will absolutely be over the moon to have that little room all to herself. She knows if her brother comes, she'll be on the sofa in the living room. LOL However, she's my heart, so I will absolutely share my bathroom with her if she wants to use it. We have never been in a Haven suite and with 7 ports on our sailing, having the ability to get on and off the ship a bit easier is VERY appealing to me. I remember standing in the very hot, hot sun in Grand Cayman for about 2 hours waiting to tender back to the ship. I'm not sure about the butler though because I'm a do it yourself kind of girl, and usually ask very little of the cabin stewards. Usually just the bed making in the evening (never get it done in the morning cause I sometimes take a nap and feel guilty for messing the bed) the requisite towel animal for the kiddo, clean towels when needed, and ICE every day! I couldn't even imagine asking someone to unpack my suitcase for me. I think our butler will be greatly underused.
  6. The only other Haven suites available would be with just the one bed. I don't mind sleeping with my dd, but would much rather not, if I don't have to. The cost for the 2 bedroom is $750 more than the Courtyard Spa room (and that room isn't in the Haven, which is kind of nice if spending the money to be right beside the pool and restaurants) and the cost of the Courtyard Penthouse is more than the 2 bedroom. So, I think the value is in the 2 bedroom, and then we would at least have our own bed! She would also enjoy having her own area, as she as the age where she's enjoying the preparations for going out as a lady ;) As for my son, I'm still trying to get him to join us and it's only about $800 more for 3 people than 2. I do plan on enjoying the Posh area on occasion if my kid is happy in the kid's club. My son is over 21, so can go anywhere if he joins us. My daughter and I will see the Cirque show, though we have seen it before. She loves seeing the comedians and has a pretty quick wit and always has a good time. I like seeing the adult shows, but not sure I will this cruise. Thanks for your help :)
  7. That bathroom is nicer than mine at home! I won't want to leave ;)
  8. LOL This would be me! ;p
  9. LOL thanks for the laugh! :')
  10. I brought a bunch of wrapped straws I got from McDonald's over the summer (take a couple extra here and there) for our RC cruise last month because I read they didn't have plastic straws anymore. Actually, they did and even though it said to 'ask for a straw', all the bartenders were putting them in the frozen cocktails. There is information about them going to paper and I vaguely remember them from when I was a kid. They don't work so well, hence the switch to plastic when it came available.
  11. I think we would love it too! It's almost the same price for 3 people as it is for 2 and I'm trying to convince my son to go with us, but he doesn't want to use up all his holidays for the year in January! ;p That shower AND tub look a real treat!
  12. I've recently thought of upgrading to a 2 bedroom Haven suite on upcoming January cruise. It will just be myself and my 11 year old. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it? I'm thinking that it'll be a smaller group in the Haven for us to find others to chat with. I love my kid, but I need other adult conversations ;p Any thoughts/experiences are greatly appreciated.
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