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  1. An update on my question, I contacted Celebrity through Twitter and the response was that the FCC could be used for perks bookings. The response to my email to customer services is less conclusive, but I have the Twitter response to rely on!
  2. I asked through Twitter for the terms of use of FCC and it includes the following: "Certificate is combinable with Crown and Anchor / Captains Club discounts." Fingers crossed as the discount seems to be working for the cruise I would like to take next year.
  3. The FCC I received was the total fare less port taxes only, and I had 2 perks booked on the previous cruise that I would want to replicate on a new booking, but am being told that these would not be covered by the FCC. My original question was whether other people have had similar feedback when trying to use FCC, or if they have been able to apply this to perks when they are selected when making a new booking (not added on through cruise planner).
  4. I'm being optimistic and planning ahead for a cruise next Easter, to replace this year's one that did not take place. We opted for FCC instead of a refund, and I've been looking at various options of cabin and perks to make best use of the FCC, however, am getting increasingly frustrated at the number of things the FCC does not seem to cover. Initially, port taxes/fees were out - that's ok given we will receive a refund for this element of our cancelled cruise. so can just reapply them. Then it became apparent that we would have to pay a deposit again - this is frustrating, since the FCC was calculated on the total that included a deposit, however, we've got a Future Cruise booking, so can potentially use that. Now I'm being told by the travel agent that the FCC will cover the basic fare only i.e. not for any of perks! This, for me, is a step too far - it is going to be very difficult to use the FCC without having to pay a considerable 'cash' lump sum to get the perks that we regard as standard for our cruise. Of course, the terms and conditions that were listed with the FCC codes do not go into any detail that help clarify what it can be used for. At this point, if the FCC is as restrictive as it appears, I will be changing my option to a 100% refund. We were prepared to take the benefit of the higher value FCC (alongside the risk that is associated with it) which would tie us into another Celebrity cruise, but it's really not worth it if we cannot use the FCC to cover the full cost of the cruise. Has anyone else come across this problem or been successful at applying FCC to a wider range of cruise costs?
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