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  1. This is such great news to me. It never occurred to me there might be a vegetarian menu. I've had pretty good luck in Tamarind and in the Lido checking out the "Distant Lands" Asian counter on the Kdam and Statendam, but next time I'm in the main dining room I'll ask for the vegetarian options. Sometimes there would be one on the regular menu which I often chose. Nice to know there are likely many more. Thanks everyone for all this wonderful information!
  2. Oh my goodness, I had NO idea HAL offered a vegetarian menu. Thank you Miss G for posting this. Do you, or anyone else, know if this is offered on all HAL ships? It looks wonderful to me
  3. I finally found this on the HAL site in the Transportation section of FAQ. Not sure why I couldn't find it before: Where Do I Meet My Airport Transfer? On days of sailing, Holland America representatives will be stationed in the airport baggage claim area or outside the customs area (depending on local customs regulations), to greet guests and assist those who are eligible to be transferred to the pier. You will recognize our representatives by their Holland America signs. If you don't see our representatives, please have one paged. Please note: This service is available only on days of sailing.
  4. sndral, we're also coming in a day early and staying at the airport Hilton and planned to walk back to Terminal 3 on Monday to catch the port shuttle. Thanks for the map!!! I'm feeling better about the possibility of actually finding the HAL reps at the airport at this point!
  5. Thank you all for the info. I've double checked and there's nothing on our docs about transfers. Seems strange, especially for a European destination, for HAL not to provide transfer info. Thank goodness for Cruise Critic and so many helpful fellow travelers!
  6. We've purchased a Rome airport (FCO) to Port of Civitavecchia transfer from HAL and for the life of me I don't understand why we've received no information from HAL included in our booking on where and when to catch the shuttle. I finally called our HAL cruise consultant who at least gave me a window of 9am to 11am and a meeting place of "downstairs in Terminal 3 outside customs" as a meeting place. But we have no ticket and our only "proof" of having purchased the transfer is on our itinerary. Help! Is this normal? How will the shuttle driver know that we have, indeed, already purchased the transfer to the port? I've checked the Italy boards and can't find anything on already purchased transfers from HAL. Anyone here actually taken the HAL transfer from FCO to Civitavecchia???? Am I missing something?
  7. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like the same selection we saw offered on the Nieuw Statendam in March. We're sailing on the Koningsdam in a week and I have to say I was really hoping the wine selection would be better this time around.
  8. Thanks for checking VMax! Really looking forward to this and plan to sign up as soon as we get onboard!
  9. DH and I will be on the April 29 sailing on the Koningsdam out of Civitavecchia and have the Signature Beverage Package as part of the Explore 4. Just found out the price limit on that package has been upped from $9 max per drink to $11. Anyone currently on the Koningsdam willing to post pictures of some of the current wine offerings in places like the Ocean Bar and Crow's Nest? I've heard the list was supposed to be changed this month and I'm really hoping it's an improvement over what I saw on the Nieuw Statendam in March. Thanks in advance.
  10. cruisen cracker: Have you tried the Grand Dutch Cafe for coffee? It's not free but we found it quite good.
  11. Despegue, thank you for pointing that out! Hadn't realized that it had changed. Good move on HAL's part.
  12. sun16, DH and I have traveled extensively in Europe. Definitely take at least one Debit card to access ATMs during your trip. (And make sure you let your bank know where and when you're traveling so no one thinks your card has been stolen.) ATM machines generally aren't hard to find (you'll see them at the airport when you land) and many many European banks have outside ones that are easily accessed. Expect to pay a small fee to use them. The wonderful thing about European ATMs is that you'll get an assortment of denominations (not all $20 like the US). We usually get about $200 at a time and use it in small cafes rather than trying to use a credit card. As Hawaiidan has mentioned, some credit cards don't charge a foreign transaction fee so those are great if you're planning to charge items. Any paper Euros you have at the end of your trip can be saved for another trip (you'll want to go back!) We usually unload all the change in the airport buying snacks before we fly home. On some flights leftover change is collected by flight attendants and given to a charity (Unicef comes to mind but I'm not certain of that.) Have a wonderful cruise!
  13. This is really great to hear. We'll definitely be on the lookout for those grey flyers! Thanks again!
  14. Thanks VMax! Would appreciate it if you would post what you find out about the Rijsttafel at Tamarind. Where do you find the gray "Plan Your Voyage" flyers???? DH and I have never come across them and it's exactly the kind of thing we're always looking for!
  15. I'm feeling a little dumb at the moment. DH and I have been on the Koningsdam twice, LOVE Tamarind and have never seen a Rijsttafel offered. Does anyone know if this is something only offered on a TA or also in the Med? We're going to be on the ship going out of Civitavecchia on April 29. Would really hate to miss this if it's offered on our 11 Day cruise to Greece.
  16. I can tell you that, in my opinion at least, the $9 wines offered on the Statendam that would have been included in the Signature package were pretty awful. The Spellbound Cabernet for $12, the Nobilo Sauvignan Blanc for $12 and the Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling for $11 were all enjoyable but of course wouldn't have been included in the Signature package. Even the lowest priced sparkling wine (La Marca Prosecco) was $10. If what we saw offered on the Statendam two weeks ago is now the wine list across the HAL fleet, then the Signature package is really not going to please many wine drinkers. It's really a shame because on the list you posted I recognized a number of inexpensive wines both my sister and I have enjoyed on past cruises. When my husband and I cruise on the Koningsdam next month the first thing we'll do once onboard is check out the wine list and upgrade to Elite if it's the same as the list I posted.
  17. Copper, I'm really enjoying your pictures from the Koningsdam cruise. Would you mind posting some pics of the current wine lists from the Koningsdam? We're taking a cruise on her once she moves to the Mediterranean and have the Signature beverage package included. Just got off the Statendam and the wine list there was pretty sparse. Wondering if it's the same. Thanks in advance!
  18. RocketMan, I would have LOVED the wine list you've attached here on my last cruise. Unfortunately, this is what was available on the Statendam on our cruise March 3-10. We've got the Explore4 Signature pkg on our upcoming cruise on the Koningsdam (April 29-May10) and I've been pretty unhappy thinking the Statendam list is what we'll have to choose from. Anyone currently on the Koningsdam willing to share the wine list? By the way, I called our HAL cruise consultant and he says you absolutely can upgrade to Elite once on the ship. Note: there are only 2 whites and 3 reds at $9, the cut off for the Signature pkg.
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