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  1. Just a few comments...I was on the Jan 12-17th cruise also. There was discussion on Facebook regarding the soft serve ice cream and it was confirmed that it was not free by someone who was on the cruise at the time. There is a machine at the bar on the pool deck but when I asked, they said it was $5. The cups are $3 (or 3.50) and $5.50, you can also get a waffle cone of gelato for app $6.50 after the service charge. There is food that is free in the Sports Bar, but only during certain times and they may not have something in stock. For example, I was ordering a warm brownie with ice cream and it wasn't available due to it not being delivered from the galley. A lot of folks were ordering the chicken wings (4) and the burgers. If you get the wings, you can ask for an order for fries also (they are not listed on the menu). You can also order as many of the dishes as you want. Casino - blackjack tables were $5 (auto-shuffle) and $10 (manual shuffle), there was also a Dream 21 table. Smoking was only allowed on the slot machine side, not near the tables. Disembarkation - I did the express walk off. You have to be able to take your own bags, but can get off as soon as they open it up. I was off the boat by 7:15, at the Miami car rental place at the airport and leaving by 8:00am. Anita is right on point with her review and has a lot of great details. Don't remember if it was mentioned, but you can also buy a wrist band for $5 which enables you to leave your card in your room. You just need your card to get on/off the ship and if you want to charge money to your room in the casino. The benefit of leaving your card in the room is to charge your phone, tablet, etc. while you're gone. The rooms have a card slot that turns on the electricity, if you take the card out everything eventually turns off.
  2. If you sign up for the UPS My Choice (free), then you can see what shipments you have coming to your address. It also allows you to change the delivery location. If you order over $500 then you have to sign for it - if your not going to be home to sign, you can always change the delivery to go to a local UPS store. This is what I did...took about a week and I went by the store after work, showed them my ID and signed for the envelope.
  3. Who was at the piano bar? We sailed the week after and it was Johnny, who honestly sounded like Kermit the Frog and was terrible. When he did the 30 min pre-show for '88 Keys', there were people around us commenting on how bad it was. The piano bar was one of the main places I envisioned spending a lot of time in prior to sailing and ended only spending 3 songs worth there throughout the whole cruise....major disappointment!
  4. Appreciate it! Is there a way to cash out your OBC through the slot machines?
  5. Thanks! I'll give that a try, but it seems like the Carnival site is having problems at the moment.
  6. Waiting for some OBC for a price drop to hit our account from over the weekend....where would I find this online? Our TA said it would be issued by Carnival in 2-3 days, but I'm not seeing it on our Booking & Order details page that list our rooms and Cheers packages. Thanks!
  7. I really appreciate the help, but just need to clarify... Use OBC at the tables - no fees, no problem At the tables, ask them to put a $100 on my S&S account - 3% fee or no fee? Slots - use S&S, no fees Again...thanks! I'm trying to see if I need to bring more cash or which cruise to use the OBC.
  8. I don't think I've ever had AARP email me the tracking number. I usually monitor my order details and it'll show there. I also have UPS Delivery Manager and can use that to change the delivery to a local store for pick up so I don't have to be home to sign for the package.
  9. Sorry if this has been covered already....can you use your OBC in the casino? I have some Funpoints I can use either on a May cruise for excursions (will have to book onboard) with my DD or a Sept cruise with the hubby in the casino. I've been sailing MSC and we could charge playing funds (table games) to our S&S account - it was actually a cheap way to get cash since they didn't charge a fee for this.
  10. I just ordered some cards...you're saying that I can call and have them email them to me instead of mailing them? Thanks!
  11. Blue Hole is in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We did a tour through Marvyn's as a family of four and the tour guide at the falls (Romaine) did an excellent job helping me get around and selecting different jump heights when I didn't want to do the tall ones.
  12. Question...you can get the Carnival card, make at least one charge (no minimum amount) and get a $200 OBC? Do I have that right? Most card promos that I've seen require a minimum amount charged per month for a certain # of months. For example, at least $1000 a month for 3 months before you get the promo bonus points.
  13. Thanks for all the input! These forums are always so helpful!
  14. A few quick questions...we don't have the FTTF, so would you check in your small carry on suitcase? It has my CPAP machine and extras. Second, if you have the Cheers package do you get free drinks at the Red Frog Pub? I see where the food is $3.33 and there are prices for drinks - just didn't know if the drinks are covered in the package. Last...does the Casino do 'happy hour' for the table games? MSC had cheaper bids (e.g. $3 bids instead of $5) on sea days between 9am and 11am for their table games. Thanks!
  15. Also, there's a thread somewhere that has some codes that folks have thrown out there and for the life of me, I can't find it now. I also found out that if you're a Wells Fargo customer and accumulate their reward points(Go Far Rewards), then you can use these to 'buy' Carnival gift cards. 10K points = $100 gift card. I'm not going to use these points for anything else...so why not?
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