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  1. We are going on the April 7th sailing of the Freedom of the seas and I was wondering if anyone that has sailed on her recently can tell me what the current shows are.
  2. We sent ours in to renew on dec 28th and got them back on january 12th. I wouldnt wait too long though,ya never know.
  3. My hubby and I were on this same cruise. We thought the food and the service in the dining room was great. We opted for MTD and it went very smooth. I could see the wear and tear around the ship but it did not effect the enjoyment of the cruise for us. We also spent 5 of the 7 nights in the Duck and Dog and we really enjoyed it. The pub was packed full every night and a lot of the same people coming back in night after night, so I would say that those people and ourselves very much enjoyed Terry. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. :D
  4. We did this excursion last week and would highly recommend this! We had a complete blast. We saw so much of the Island and some amazing picture opportunities! Be prepared to never wear the clothes again which you wear on this trip....well at least the shirt. There is some steep incline/decline on this trip. Just know it is not a flat ground-slow ride the whole time. LOVE THIS EXCURSION!!!!!!!!!
  5. We just got off the Adventure of the seas on Sunday March 29th. We bought the premium drink package. It cost is 49pp....804 for the 2 of us including the grat. There were 1 or 2 bartenders that we had a hard time getting service from. Primarily the women in the Solarium bar. We had no problems finding bar service at the pool bar or the sky bar and the bartenders were great! We also no problem finding a server during the days we were at the pool. This is just my experience but I thought I would pass it on. By the way, go to the Duck and Dog AKA: carlos and carlos....to see Terry Dobson play...he is awesome and a ton of fun!
  6. Bill could you please elaborate on which excursion you did. I am trying to plan my day in Antiqua and would appreciate a heads upon negative experiences. Thank you
  7. Hubby and I did land tour and cruised on the Radiance aug29-sept11 2009. we had the best weather...we lucked out I think. We had temps not lower than 72 for the whole 2 weeks. Even in Fairbanks it was 78. We had an Aft cabin and it was wonderful! I would not have done it any other way. With the balcony you have the choice of having a private viewing of the sites or enjoying with fellow cruisers. While pulling in to view the glacier, we watched from the deck with everyone and then went to our cabin when the ship turned. It was fabulous. just my opinion!
  8. First off, he will have a fantastic time. DH and I went this past Sept. 8/30 thru 9/12 on RCCL Radiance,southbound. It was to be a trip of a lifetime, that we knew! This was far more than just a trip. We did the 5 night land tour(#12). Yes, you can do it on you own, and if you're up for it I would suggest it! Please make sure you have the time in Denali though, even though the Bus tour into the park was 7-8 hours(ours was 9.5 because of so much wildlife) I would do it all over again. Of all the places I have been this experience was the best! Here's a tip: bring snacks, we brought cheese and cracker paks and indiv. trail mix packs...they came in very handy. Ketchikan we did the misty Fjords float plane trip thru island wings! Worth the money...no doubt about it! We didnt do alot of excursions but what we did was worth the money and more! Juneau we did the whale watch thru the ship and had a great time, did not have problems with getting room to take pics. Denali park, we did a 4 wheeling tour and had a blast. Anchorage, we walked to a park not far from downtown and watched the sun go down...it took forever but it was pretty over the ocean! By the way. We only had 1/2 day of rain in the 13 days we were in Alaska, in Sept! The weather was 72-80 and sunny, so try not to get too hung up on the weather because you can never judge! Your Hubby will love it! No doubt. My Dh would go back there before he'd go back to Hawaii and I probably would too!. Bring a scarf and gloves and a hat for the day at the glacier!! The glacier viewing is amazing!
  9. Do they still do the buckets of beer on board? If so, does anyone remember the price?
  10. We are doing the Alaskan SB cruise on the Radiance 09/04/09 and I am trying to do some preplanning. Does anyone know what nights the formal dinners are on this itinerary? Thanks Bunches
  11. Yes they do....we watced the Pats smoke the Jets in the playoffs 2 years ago.... The sports bar is in the promenade.... We had a blast. Got sandwiches from the coffee place down the end of the promenade, grabs some appy's from the windjammer.....had a nice tailgate party going on. Claim your seat early!
  12. I used my verizon while in PR 1 1/2 yr.s ago and there weren't any roaming charges. I kept waiting to get zapped with the call on my bill but it never came! Good to know!
  13. This is fantastic information and just what I was looking for. We will be going the same week as you did. I am a habitual planner so have all this info upfront is great! So I can store the bags with the buses if there isn't anything I need until the cruise,with the bags I keep with me on the land tour do I end up carrying those on the ship or do they delivered to the ship from the bus......and end up at my stateroom. I am trying to figure out if I buy anything while on the tour, will I end up carrying it all onto the ship or can I pack it away in my bags and it goes to the ship with the cruise only(pink tagged) bags, so I can just take my backpack or whatever.
  14. Hi Again, I really appreciate the responses that I've gotten so far. I would like to ask a few more ?'s on the cruisetours. Regarding the luggage. My plan is to try and pack a smaller bag for our 5 night cruisetour...for my and hubby's clothes so I can leave the big bags(with cruise clothes) on the bus. I think this is the way I read to do it. If I do need to get into the luggage that I keep on the bus...will I have a problem doing so? I may need to get into the cruise clothes bags on the last night of the land tour. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do while in Talkeetna? I would appear that we have the whole day to ourselves.What exactly is around the lodge area? How far into town? Hubby would like to know if there is anywhere to fish. He doesn't want to do an excursion because he prefers the solitude of fishing alone. ;) Ok, so it was more than a few...............Thanks bunches in advance!:D
  15. Thanks so much for all the info. I can see that we really dont get much time to do anything in Anchorage except sleep! I am sure that since we're flying in from the East coast we wont get into Anchorage until late that first night of the tour. That's too bad!
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