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  1. How many days are you planning to allow for your trip from Seward/Anchorage to Fairbanks? As you may know, the more the better. What are you wanting to include (Denali [again?]) in particular or are you totally flexible? A direction you might consider is going from Anchorage to Glennallen then north to Delta Junction then northwest to Fairbanks. There's a lot of scenery in that direction that many people miss. A great place to eat at Glennallen is a small take-away joint called Tok Thai - excellent, LARGE portions and not very expensive by Alaska standards. Tok Thai is sort of the edge of the parking lot for the Tesoro / Hub station/store. If you have the time you could deviate south from Glennallen to Valdez. You'll get to see large portions of the Alaska Pipeline on this route too. Good luck!
  2. I wanted to add that I have stayed at the Bear Lodge at Wedgewood Resort for two nights a couple years ago. It was nice, very clean and no problems. The rooms were large and had a small patio or balcony - it was also the only place we stayed on that trip that actually had room air conditioning. Ha Ha (we used it!) My only complaint is that the wifi was so weak in our room that I couldn't use my work laptop in the room - I had to take it to the lobby long enough to get some stuff done. It may have only been an anomaly or temporary problem that's been fixed. Other than that, I'd stay there again.
  3. I'll tell you where NOT to stay. We stayed 4 nights at the Best Western Plus Chena River Lodge last winter. It was a very clean and nice looking room (recently renovated) but this was the NOISIEST hotel I've ever experienced in my life! SERIOUSLY! We were on the ground floor back of hotel and the people walking in the hall upstairs was so noisy it sounded like they were in our room! Also, the maid never visited our room once. We had to ask the front desk for more towels. Good luck!
  4. Why so snobbish? 🤨 Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore? Gee...
  5. The first and only Sonic Drive-In in the state of Alaska is at Wasilla too. It opened last year just ahead of the State Fair. 😉
  6. Nobody said Wasilla was an attraction. There are attractions in the general area though.
  7. While in Anchorage for a full day, rent a car. Someone above mentioned going to the Palmer/Wasilla area. If you do that consider going out north of that area to the Independence Mine - maybe 30 minutes out of either town. It's interesting with nice scenery. Going or coming from Anchorage at Eagle River is the Eagle River Nature Center about 15 minutes off of the Glenn Highway - very spectacular photo opportunities there. They have some easy walking trails with wood viewing platforms once you get out to the river - occasionally you may see a moose walking around the shallow water. I've been to the Nature Center several times (winter & summer) and always enjoy myself. Also, the Anchorage Museum is very, very nice - you could easily park there and do a walking tour of downtown. Good luck!
  8. Renting a car in Anchorage is a great option over being bused. You'll enjoy the freedom of stopping along the way wherever you want I've stayed at the Denali Park Hotel (more of a motel...) at Healy and thought it was just fine. It wasn't all that expensive (relatively speaking), the rooms have everything you need (but aren't fancy) and are very clean. It's about 10-15 minutes from the Denali entrance. The 49th State Brewery steakhouse about a mile down from the hotel is very good in my opinion. You should check if you qualify for a negotiated rate for a rental car - possibly thru your bank/credit union, employer, insurance, etc. My company has a negotiated rate with one of the rental companies and I use it every time I'm in Alaska - the rate is roughly 1/3-1/2 the normal rack rate plus it includes the extra insurances and additional drivers. A huge savings. Good luck!
  9. You might consider renting a car and driving yourself. I've rented from First City Car Rental at Ketchikan - I give them two thumbs up. The rental agent met us at the dock with our car at 7:00 AM. The whole rental process took less than five minutes and we had an almost new car that was immaculate. We were able to drive to Totem Bight plus on further to the end of the highway for Settlers Cove (sort of a state park) - a really nice nature area with picnic tables, waterfalls, boardwalks, etc. A car for the day was less than $100 and gives you complete freedom. To return the car we just left it parked in the lot next to our dock with the keys locked inside - very easy. I haven't been to the lumberjack show so I can't be helpful there. Enjoy your trip!
  10. What I wanted to suggest for your land tour part of Alaska: If possible, do it yourself. If you're comfortable driving yourself (on the right... Ha Ha) you'll have a much better Alaskan experience. The tour groups whiz past things on a large bus and you're not able to stop at your own leisure. I have no idea what you're expecting to see while on the land tour but most people want to see Denali. You really should spend a minimum of two nights in the Denali area so you'll have one entire day to visit the park in whatever way you find interesting. Driving in Alaska is very easy and you're unlikely to get lost as there are only a few main highways. But you really need to allow more time between Point A and Point B than normal - there is so much to see, so many photo opportunities, and such that you'll probably stop more often than normal. Also, the highways are, for the most part, two-lanes and any traffic snafu can delay you - summer months are road construction/repair season, there will be more tourist traffic and the odd wreck that can back you up. I generally allow twice the amount of time something like Google Maps might indicate to allow for any of the above. You will need to make any hotel or excursion reservations as much in advance as possible (for summer 2021 you might start making reservations in Autumn 2020). The car rental companies typically charge less the earlier you reserve. For a car you might see if somehow you qualify for a negotiated or corporate rate - my company has a negotiated rate with one of the major companies that's about 1/3rd the typical rack rate plus I get the extra insurances, roadside assistance and extra drivers included - I've used it in Alaska many times. Good luck! You'll love Alaska!
  11. Theoretically... If you're taking a one-way from South to North the Starboard side will be towards the land when you're in open ocean - though it will probably be a couple miles or more away and you won't see much. The Port side if you're going North to South. When you're cruising the Inside Passage areas there shouldn't be much difference, there might be something to see from either side. On one cruise we had a Starboard cabin and the next time had the exact same location but on the Port side. I was thinking, at least, while docked we'd have something different to see on the 2nd time around. That didn't work out because they turned the ship around the opposite direction everywhere except for Ketchikan, so the same exact view. Ha Ha You can't outguess them! My thinking is I'd choose my cabin based on what it might be close to or away from on the ship. I did enjoy having our balcony so we could step outside in our own personal space when we wanted too. This is just my opinion - I'm sure there are a million more. Good luck! You'll love Alaska regardless. 🙂
  12. Taken on 9/11/19 - the first two at some friend's new house under construction at Seward a little before 8:00 PM, the last one about half-way back to Anchorage around 9:00 PM. I know you've been to Alaska a billion times but you don't know every thing. Sorry.
  13. This past September when I was staying at my house in Anchorage that wasn't the case...
  14. Thru the middle of September sunset won't be until around 8:30 PM. It will still be light enough to see fairly well until after 9:00 PM.
  15. I've only taken early May cruises. I think it's ideal. It's still cool (isn't Alaska supposed to be???), the mountains still have snow on them, fewer other tourists, etc. Our first Alaska cruise we were the only ship in each port except for the stop in Ketchikan - it was towards the end of the cruise and there was a couple other ships. We were also the 1st ship of the season in Sitka and Hoonah (Icy Strait). I think the locals are happy to see the tourists (and their money) and aren't worn out from them yet. We had excellent weather both times but two completely different Glacier Bay days - one was crystal clear and calm, the other was rainy, foggy & cloudy and quite a bit colder. Both were interesting in their own way. To me, May is perfect for Alaska cruising.
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