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  1. Theoretically... If you're taking a one-way from South to North the Starboard side will be towards the land when you're in open ocean - though it will probably be a couple miles or more away and you won't see much. The Port side if you're going North to South. When you're cruising the Inside Passage areas there shouldn't be much difference, there might be something to see from either side. On one cruise we had a Starboard cabin and the next time had the exact same location but on the Port side. I was thinking, at least, while docked we'd have something different to see on the 2nd time around. That didn't work out because they turned the ship around the opposite direction everywhere except for Ketchikan, so the same exact view. Ha Ha You can't outguess them! My thinking is I'd choose my cabin based on what it might be close to or away from on the ship. I did enjoy having our balcony so we could step outside in our own personal space when we wanted too. This is just my opinion - I'm sure there are a million more. Good luck! You'll love Alaska regardless. 🙂
  2. Taken on 9/11/19 - the first two at some friend's new house under construction at Seward a little before 8:00 PM, the last one about half-way back to Anchorage around 9:00 PM. I know you've been to Alaska a billion times but you don't know every thing. Sorry.
  3. This past September when I was staying at my house in Anchorage that wasn't the case...
  4. Thru the middle of September sunset won't be until around 8:30 PM. It will still be light enough to see fairly well until after 9:00 PM.
  5. I've only taken early May cruises. I think it's ideal. It's still cool (isn't Alaska supposed to be???), the mountains still have snow on them, fewer other tourists, etc. Our first Alaska cruise we were the only ship in each port except for the stop in Ketchikan - it was towards the end of the cruise and there was a couple other ships. We were also the 1st ship of the season in Sitka and Hoonah (Icy Strait). I think the locals are happy to see the tourists (and their money) and aren't worn out from them yet. We had excellent weather both times but two completely different Glacier Bay days - one was crystal clear and calm, the other was rainy, foggy & cloudy and quite a bit colder. Both were interesting in their own way. To me, May is perfect for Alaska cruising.
  6. Sitka, for sure. 9 Days is better than 7 too. I've taken 10-day and 7-day Alaskan cruises - the 7-day felt very rushed.
  7. I've been to both places and would live in Sitka if I could - I've even pondered it. Most cruises stop in Ketchikan and it's very commercialized, Sitka is a more rare stop and relatively "normal", not so commercial. Sitka is very laid back, Ketchikan is more intense. I would think you won't see another large ship at Sitka when you're there, so less other cruisers. Ketchikan might have 3-4 large ships docked at the same time with TONS of tourists - almost mobs at times. Look at the possibilities of things to see in both cities to help you decide. You may find more interesting things to do in one place or the other - also look at how long you will be there. For me, the longer you're there, the better. The very central part of Sitka has a number of historic places within a few blocks or so of each other. There are other interesting things at Ketchikan. If you think there is a good chance you'll take another Alaskan cruise I'd say take the Sitka cruise this time - it may not be available during a subsequent visit but I'd bet Ketchikan will since it's on the majority of itineraries. As I said, I could imagine living at Sitka - I don't think I would enjoy Ketchikan as much. Good luck choosing!
  8. You know Matti then. 😀 Such a nice guy! He's wanting to take me on a "poutine crawl" in Montreal. I'm just waiting for when! 👍
  9. I'm from not too far from you in Oklahoma. 🙂 There's an interesting little place we've ate at a couple times when our cruises have stopped in Victoria. It's about a 15 minute cab ride from the dock. Their specialty is Poutine from Montreal. If you don't know what poutine is... Ha Ha It's a dish from Quebec that's French Fries with brown gravy and cheese curds. There's several varieties where they add maybe chicken, beef, mushrooms, grilled onions, etc. It's called La Belle Patate (The Beautiful Potato) on Esquimalt Road about a mile or so from the central business district (Government Street). It's kind of a fun place - one big table and a few stools at a window counter plus a couple small tables on the sidewalk - it's mostly locals picking up stuff to take home. There's also excellent burgers and "steamies" (hotdogs). I've become friends with the owner just from eating there. It's cool because it's away from the tourists - he says there will be cruise passengers come from time to time though. He said people from the South REALLY like his poutine. Ha Ha We'll take a cab back to Government street to do a little shopping and then it's close to time to get back to the ship - there's a shuttle one can take or just walk (about another mile).
  10. I think the Fortress of the Bear is pretty cool. We drove there on our own - easy. The site is the remains of an old Pulp Mill (it's not a sewer plant as many say...) and the bears are housed in giant round open top tanks that are large enough that the bears have a generous area to live and play. There is a viewing platform so that you can see into the tanks for an unobstructed view. The director was present to answer any questions we had. The bears are orphans that would have otherwise not survived. While we were there a large group of people arrived on a bus - they were sort of rushed in and rushed out... This is a good place to absolutely get to see some bears - otherwise you may or may not see them in the wild. When we were there quite a few bald eagles were hanging around - I was able to take several pictures of one from just a few feet away. I'll go back for another visit (it was almost 4 years ago when I was there) because they keep improving with new projects. Good luck!
  11. I flew Delta to Vancouver from Dallas several years ago for a cruise. (I flew back from Seattle) Delta completely cancelled my flight to Vancouver. I was rescheduled on a much later flight for the same day but in coach instead of 1st class that I had paid for. They didn't contact me either. Luckily I decided to check my flight info a few days ahead. I was pretty hot. When I called they were able to put me on an earlier flight the same day and in 1st class. It makes me wonder who did the rescheduling. After seeing your post it makes me wonder how often Delta does stuff like this. By the way, I haven't flown with Delta again - I've used Alaska Air ever since with no issues.
  12. Assuming they will transport you from Whittier to the Anchorage airport, rent a car there for the day and store your luggage in the trunk. You'd also be free to drive around and see more than you can without a set of wheels. There is a lot of things to see and do within 30 minutes of central Anchorage and the city is easy to navigate. Do some research about things to do cheap or free - you'll be surprised. Most touristy places around town charge for parking but right downtown you can pretty much park in one lot and walk to most places of interest. The Anchorage Museum downtown is very nice, Flattop Mountain (nice view of the city) and the Zoo are a little to the Southeast of downtown, the Alaska Native Heritage Center is just off the Glenn Highway NE of downtown, there are Segway Tours downtown, etc. It should be easy to find plenty to do. Have a pizza at Moose's Tooth Pizza - the best pizza I've had ANYWHERE. Enjoy your hours there! Good luck!
  13. If your particular cruise stops in Victoria we have enjoyed eating dinner at La Belle Patate on Esquimalt Road a couple times. Their specialty is poutine from Montreal - and the owner (Matti) is a true French speaking Quebecker. They also have fantastic burgers and Montreal "Steamies" (hotdogs). La Belle is not in the regular tourist area of Victoria but about a 10 minute cab ride from Government Street - they will call your a return cab as one isn't likely to happen by. It's definitely NOT fancy, but the food is AWESOME! Another rare item is Spruce Beer (not alcoholic) that tastes like a Christmas tree smells. It's a small neighborhood spot that has locals picking up something to take home - there's only one large communal table inside and a few stools along the window counter plus a couple small tables on the sidewalk out front. We love finding these cool little places when we travel and can't wait for our next stop in Victoria. I give La Belle Patate two thumbs up!
  14. On our 2016 NCL Pearl cruise the rangers were set up in the Spinnaker Lounge (top interior deck & forward) with their items for sale. The best I can remember they had a table with the stamp and you could just do it yourself. I stamped my own passport...
  15. This may or may not apply to you for a rental car. My company has a negotiated contract rate with one of the major rental companies. I've used it many times in Alaska, during peak & off-peak time periods. The contract rate I get is roughly 1/3-1/2 the regular [non-contract] rate plus includes the extra insurances and multiple drivers. In the end it's a huge savings. You should check to see if you might qualify for something similar. Good luck!
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