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  1. I wish I'd known that botox will impact your microblading. 🙂 I had botox for the first time friday and it has changed my arch of my brow considerably. The microblading looks okay but the natural hairs for the brow look a little goofy and need to be waxed.
  2. We were not scheduled to stay overnight in Havana, but we did get extended until 1:30 AM. Santiago is the port we had that got cancelled. Grand Cayman was replaced. On Grand Cayman day, the waters were very rough and two other ships decided to skip the port. Our Captain went ahead and stopped but we went to the alternate port in Grand Cayman. It still worked out pretty well. Had the Captain opted to skip Grand Cayman, I'm afraid the guests would not have taken kindly to it, as many were still upset about Santiago being cancelled.
  3. So thankful to have made it there last month. I got resistance from a lot of people asking Why Cuba? and I tried to explain to them that it's historic and something very few will have the chance to have had.
  4. We were on a Best of Cuba with 3 Cuban stops but it turned into two cuba stops and one Grand Cayman. We paid more per night due to the best of cuba status, but ended up with what I'd call a more "average" itinerary. These things happen and it was still a nice cruise, but I wouldn't have paid as much if I'd known upfront that was where we'd go.
  5. I have had mine microbladed. I will probably try the powder option in a year when it's time to refresh my look. I have very pale natural brows that could barely be seen. Research, look at real pictures, and make sure every question you have is answered first.
  6. I wore Tieks every day of my 8 night Cuban cruise last month. Many find they need to size up if they're a half size.
  7. I get the lash lift and tint. Lasts me about 6 weeks. Love it.
  8. Excellent! It's our first chartered cruise 😉
  9. Yes, the whole ship (Oasis) is chartered. It's for a schedule that isn't out yet for 2021.
  10. If the entire boat has been chartered is this true too?
  11. Do cruisers on a charter earn RC points towards their C&A status? We're eyeballing a chartered cruise for fall 2021. Do they work the same way as far as reserving excursions with Royal online, drink packages, etc? Or is it on the company chartering to decide? I saw someone post that the dining was different because it was up to a charter company to select instead of what you'd normally see in a typical Royal dining room. Help!
  12. I did My Time Dining, requested the same serving team every night and had no problems with the request. Both my husband and myself are post-op. I'm 6 years post op and my husband was just 3 months post-op on our cruise in March. The pacing of the dining room works better than the buffet, in my experience. It gives you time to relax and eat and not feel rushed, which often leads to over eating. I have done a salad and an app as my meal--I liked to take the crab cakes and put it on the caesar salad or the shrimp cocktail and ceasar. Same as said above about the cheese plate. They also were great about covering the dessert so I could take it to my room to enjoy later in the evening.
  13. I'm curious too. I'll leave on her on the 17th.
  14. I just booked for Freedom of the Seas for January 2021 and did a suite guarantee. I was shocked it was an option considering the booking is two years out.
  15. I'm doomed. 😉 I booked a Suite Gty for a cruise 727 days from now. And knowing me, I will log in every day to check.
  16. Sailing on Empress to Cuba in March. Booked an outside cabin. Rcvd offer with only one choice--Grand Suite for 1200 min per person. I didn't grab it. 😉
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