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  1. You can also change your bid (or cancel it entirely) until it is either accepted or rejected. Then it's a done deal. I dropped my bid for one of the categories 3 times, as the retail price went down on the NCL website as the cruise drew nearer. I also canceled a bid entirely for one of the categories. Maybe I had too much time on my hands?
  2. Even if we get the priority check-in (which I admit would be a nice perk), he still won't know exactly how much bigger (almost double) and better the room and perks are until we get there. So that can be his surprise. Thanks for the info - I'll be prepared to "surprise" him when someone else lets the cat out of the bag.
  3. Got it! 6/28 Gem to Bermuda, my only bid was for a suite (SE, SF) from a balcony. Bid $640 each (total $1280), high end of poor (fair started at $700 each) and was notified this afternoon, 4 days in advance. Now how am I going to keep this from hubby? Do the suite perks start as soon as we start the boarding process? We are on the same floor as our original cabin, and I would love to keep this a secret until he actually gets to the door.
  4. Dumb (but quick) question - can you use your free on-board credit for the laundry service? Thanks!
  5. Tagging on to this topic, yesterday my ship still had 6 suites available and over a dozen minisuites, today it's showing ALL categories as sold out. Does this mean that upgrading is happening, or that the ship suddenly and completely sold out? PS - Gem sailing to Bermuda on June 28 from Boston. PPS - Or perhaps the sailaway cabins were assigned? If so, and my cabin is still the same, is that likely that I didn't get my upgrade?
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