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  1. This has been very useful infomation. Will be arriving in HK mid February for a cruise. I was planning on getting the Octopus card at the airport and using it for transport, including taking the airport express to our hotel. Did I read correctly that must pay cash in HK dollars for the initial Octopus card?
  2. Does anyone know if SS still offers a shuttle from the Hiep phuoc dock to Ho Chi Minh? I haven't found any reference to it on our upcoming cruise!
  3. I'm on the Hong Kong to Singapore trip in late February on the Spirit. From what I've been able to find out, we are docking in Hiep Phuoc, which is about 45 mins away from Ho Chi Minh.
  4. thank you all - this is exactly the kind of information I need!!
  5. They have a briefing every night before dinner. they mentioned signing up for the kayaking at these briefings, when it was being offered the next day. Have fun - it was one of our best travel experiences ever!
  6. I can't answer to the kayaking - it wasn't offered everyday and you did have to sign up for it - there were limited spots. Snorkeling was offered most days. a few times it was snorkeling from the beach, and others it was from the zodiacs.
  7. we have already booked a hotel for 1 night in Bangkok, so that we won't waste all our time going back and forth!
  8. We are sailing on the Silver Spirit in February. I am having a hard time finding out exactly where the Spirit will dock in Ho Chi Minh City. All of the details listed just show Ho Chi Minh City, but on other stops they show a different docking location for the port we are visiting. For example, our documents state we will be docking in Laem Chabang for Bangkok. I asked our travel agent and all she could get was Ho Chi Minh City. Anyone know exactly? trying to set up a private excursion. thanks!
  9. we've had good luck with many of the included tours. we usually try to book a morning one, then go off on our own and tour and eat lunch off the ship.
  10. We were in Copenhagen last month, and had dinner at Karla, a small restaurant close to Tivoli. Reasonable prices, very good food. You might want to get a reservation as it is quite small.
  11. We just got back and stayed at the Hilton. It's right across the river and within walking distance of the old town. great location. Don't know about the rates, as we used points.
  12. We took this cruise a couple of years ago in November. they offered the subway up close included tour then. It was very informative - one of the best included tours we did that cruise. Then we stayed on our own and visited a Christmas market on our own.
  13. We took a Basel to Amsterdam cruise a couple of years ago in late late October. We had wonderful weather - cool during the day - but not what I'd consider unbearably "cold". Just dressed in layers, and did have a hat and gloves. Loved traveling during this time - the trees and vineyards were beautiful fall colors and the crowds were much sparser.
  14. gogo65 - Feb 2020. it surprised me that it was assigned so early!
  15. We booked a Vista GTY (no choice) and paid the deposit last month. Final payment is due end of this month. Just checked and have been assigned a cabin - just a regular Vista suite. Maybe will still get lucky with the upgrade fairy!!
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