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  1. There is also a new sign inside the Tourism Village. It was fairly close to the tender docks.
  2. Hope you have a great time in Caye Caulker whatever you decide to do - and an awesome cruise as well!
  3. Thankfully, no. The sharks moved in and out fairly quickly as soon as the chumming stopped. Truthfully, I found that part less enjoyable than the reef. Just my personal preference but I was a bit uncomfortable with attracting the sharks and rays like they do. Trying to hold them would have been too much. I did see one of the guides try to grab one of the rays and thought that was unnecessary. Next time we hope to find a guide where we can skip that part and spend more time on a reef.
  4. We were in smaller groups (3 of us and one other couple in our group) on the reef so it wasn't bad. Only time I got kicked in the face was by my girlfriend, so I can't complain. LOL It was a bit more congested at the shark ray alley, but that is in shallow water so it was more manageable.
  5. There were about 20, including one group that had four kids under 12. I believe one of the kids and two adults stayed on the boat. We were not aware of anyone staying ashore from our boat. There were probably six to eight boats from various tours at both stops.
  6. They will definitely be able to see the sharks and Ray's from the boat, but that was the shorter of the two times we were in the water. We had one person from our group stay on the boat and the crew kept her entertained and made sure she was comfortable. Staying on the island is also an option - they might enjoy walking or taking a golf cart taxi to the Split to swim.
  7. We had about 1-1/2 hours to eat and hang out. We walked over a block to Quan's - a small general store with everything from food to pool supplies to liquor. It was the closest place to grab the local beer and rum souvenirs we wanted. We might have lingered a little longer eating than we really needed; regardless I would have liked to explore the island more. Hanging out at the bar would have been a good option as well. It's a "go slow" place so rushing to do everything sort of defeats the vibe. Lunch prices were reasonable - between $10 and $15 US for most meals, and there were several options if you wanted to go higher or lower. Everything we had was very good. For what it's worth, we would definitely book this one again and are planning to return to just Caye Caulker for a few days this fall.
  8. We did. The snorkeling and hanging out for a bit on Caye Caulker was the highlight of our entire cruise. We’re already planning to spend several days on the island this fall. The reef is awesome; we covered a lot of territory around the reef - I personally might have liked being able to drift and just observe a bit more. Good coral, lots of fish including a couple of moray eels, and saw a huge ray on the way back to the boat. The sharks and rays were fun for a bit, but it felt just a little bit contrived with using chum to attract the rays and sharks. Our crew was outstanding! My 75-year-old MIL rode along but did not want to snorkel. The crew kept her entertained and the captain even accompanied her off the boat for a bit and helped her overcome her fear of getting in the water. Lunch was at Island Magic. The boat stopped on their dock after coming over from Belize City for restroom breaks. You could order lunch there to be ready soon after we got back from snorkeling. It was quite good and went down nicely with a Belikin beer. We had time to run to a nearby grocery and stock up on liquid souvenirs (more Belikin and some One Barrel rum) to take home.
  9. Those were the same hours we were in port. You should have no problems.
  10. It was outside on the first sailing back from dry dock. Can say it was much more comfortable in mid-March than the previous Freedom experiences in June and August!
  11. DownToTheSea


    Rusty Fish is an excellent option. They have multiple locations, including Coxen Hole and the Mahogany Bay complex.
  12. Returning to Belize in just over three weeks, and hope to find some specific items while ashore. We have an excursion to Caye Caulker with limited time on the island and then back to the Tourist Village. I’m hoping to find convenient places to pick up some local rum and a couple of bottles of cashew wine. Those shouldn’t be too difficult, but would appreciate any suggestions. The tougher one is find a store that sells CDs of Belizian musical artists. I can find a few things through online music stores, but I’m old-school enough that having a physical copy would be better. Appreciate any suggestions!
  13. We discovered the - and enjoyed - the Ocean Plaza breakfast on Breeze last summer. Hopefully it hasn't changed for you.
  14. Love your fun approach to the review and the cruise. I’ve jokingly wondered how long the thread would be if you and St. Greg ever took the same cruise. It may be buried in there somewhere I’ve missed, but what type of camera are you using for your underwater shots? They are amazing! The one I’m using now only seems to be able to get to the quality of your “wrong setting” shots. Again, thanks for all of the details!
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