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  1. I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here, I thought I read they also removed reclining chairs and usable table. If so hopefully they’ll also bring back the reclining chairs and a table for room service use
  2. Do you buy trip insurance at time of initial booking or at final payment? What are the pros/cons of either?
  3. Btw LindsayC, I just got Celebrity to honor one of the two screenshot mock booking after the third try. So yes I received (3) perks [two in original booking] at $100 less total cost...yea!!! Did your TA have any luck?
  4. I did the same thing as you with two future cruises I have booked directly with celebrity. I also have the screenshots with reduced prices and three perks. When I continued to do the 24 hr price hold I got error messages. I called my Celebrity vacation planner and was told it was a software mistake. If I was able to compete and get confirmation on the 24 hr hold he would’ve honored it. They can’t take a screen of an overview as a confirmed booking. I’ll keep an I out to see if you received different reults
  5. Yes I’m quite certain.....DW and I could’ve stayed in sky lounge from 5:00-7:00 and drink til our hearts content ‘OR’ go to a bar/lounge and receive 3 drinks between said hours. Now if you’re asking can we begin drinking in sky lounge ‘and then go to a bar/lounge’, that I can’t answer but I’d assume that answer would be no. Celebrity’s policy seems to be a moving target, prior to our cruise Celebrity had switched to a 3 drink max every/any where (bar/lounge/restaurants)and we had been looking forward to having wine with our dinner in the MDR without having to carry our glass down with us from sky lounge. We do not do the drink package or take it as a perk. We are not big drinkers so it’s no benefit to us, however an elite perk drink or two at dinner/breakfast works fine for us.
  6. P.S. they did go back to unlimited drinks in sky lounge (5:00 - 7:00pm) and three drinks at any bar/lounge.
  7. Just off Reflection yesterday.....three drinks coupons (posted on sea pass) no longer honored in MDR or any other restaurant!!
  8. You can go to big box store and buy universal remote, follow instructions to do a search and your done.
  9. Very nice/beautiful black and white photographs....outrageously expensive!!!
  10. We were just there in April.......we did trikes aruba (in Aruba) and bonaire cruisers (golf cart) in Bonaire. Both were great, you can google them to see if you’d be interested
  11. Just off the equinox 4/7-4/13)....tv was hooked up for pc input so hdmi ports are not active. What I always do is bring a universal remote ($7 at the big box stores) an hdmi cable and an apple lightning digital adapter. Plug your device into one the hdmi ports find the tv with the universal remote and change the input and you’re done, this takes all of 5 min to do. Every time you turn off the tv it defaulted back to pc input (Celebrity channels) when turned back on. To view your device again just change the input with the universal.
  12. Generally enjoy the shows for what they are....cruise ship entertainment. Every now and then you do get one of ‘those’ acts and Uptown was it. And not in a good way, they were pretty bad!!!!Although they pulled a nice lady from the audience ‘Mary’ who stole the show.....she was a piece of work, I mean that in a great way!!!
  13. Sorry OP for above statement.....had to vent!!!
  14. We generally had a good/great cruise.....but people please, coughing into ones hands then grabbing and using utensils is just disgusting!!! The cruise was a cough fest with people spreading germs like they don’t care, including to my wife who ended up in bed for two days with a nasty cough. And yes when she started getting symptoms we began self medicating and ‘staying in our cabin’ (either room service or I picked up food and brought back) until she began to feel better.
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