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  1. Hi all, just curious if anyone ever done this through Shore excursioneer it seems shore excursions group has the same exact excursion so wondering if they use the same tour company and which one? My friend is a bit skeptical of getting back to the ship on time, and would have liked to contact the company directly or seen reviews of them. Thanks in advance for any insight
  2. yes that's new to me also considering I have only sailed on casino offers on CCL for the same cruise with CCL would have just broken down as $260 upgrade $164 Port taxes and fees $87.50 gratuities $511.50 PP so $1,023 total only difference is I would only have free drinks in the casino. This reminds me sort of going on a friends/family cruise rate which is $35 a day LoL No complaints though I was planning on going anyways and it saved me $850 I do wish I could have gotten the 2 promotions since I upgraded but she said its based on what cabin we were offered. I considered upgrading to a suite but whats the point (besides bigger room of course) if I don't get the amazing promotions that come along with it :/ Now do these ever come with OBC (their promo now included OBC) or priority check in? Also am I allowed to transfer the booking over to my TA?
  3. Since you've sailed NCL often maybe you can clear 2 things up for me since I seem to be getting conflicting information. 1. Specialty Dinning... We have the UBP not dinning but I'm definitely interested in the Hibachi, Steakhouse & Maderno. 2 of the 3 show an a la carte menu but seen a chart showing a flat cover charge. $20, $25 & $30 so $75 total which i'm fine with but if it is a flat charge it would be cheaper than buying the 3 day dinning package at $84 but if it's a la carte it would be cheaper doing the package. 2. Do they have ship specific picture packages? I seen the online ones of 10, 20 & 30 pictures?
  4. My Husband needs a balcony I could care less as i am barely in the room, luckily for me During winter carnival out of MD has french door rooms which are considered interior so I book one between Life boats, he gets to open the doors and see out and I don't have to pay an upgrade fee. However on our 2/20 i finally got a free balcony so it cost $364 for a balcony total 2 people (NY is so much more expensive to leave from in terms of taxes etc) We always get the Drinks on us card day 1 and on premieres I get $700 in cash so its hard to pass up. no drinks throughout the ship though. Last one we got steakhouse for 4 with a bottle of wine and the host sent me and hubby for a couple massage so I feel a bit spoiled however I am sure I will love the Breakaway it looks amazing!! I was pretty shocked by the admin fee to be honest since I never heard of one til now maybe its just for land based offers IDK.
  5. I can't thank you enough for the information which was pretty much spot on :) NCL sure does like their fees though LoL, they had room on our original sailing and it to upgrade from the free interior to a balcony was $320 We were originally booked for $2478 total 2 people balcony with drink package, not including gratuities. So adding the $94.50pp total $2,667 Our breakdown on the casino offer is $320 upgrade $200 Admin $194.65 taxes $99.54 beverage service charge $94.50 prepaid gratuities So $1,817.38 with everything a savings of $850 not as good as i get on carnival but better than full price for a cruise I was already going to go on LoL :)
  6. Thank you I will be calling tomorrow, do you know if the upgrade is like carnival where you get the highest category Included? Like when I upgrade my interior to a balcony its good for spa or aft no extra charge?
  7. Hi all, I need a bit of insight I received a free interior offer from a local casino, I've sailed on CCL numerous times on casino offers but never NCL. So I'm hoping for a bit of info! 1. Is there a specific upgrade fee to go from interior to balcony? (Like ccl is $260 pp 7 daysailing ) 2. Will I be eligible for their freestyle promo? Drinks, dining etc? Thank you all in advance :)
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