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  1. We had a cruise booked for June which had to be paid by March 18th. Just phoned P and O to cancel spoke to a very nice lady who was very helpful.. If you wish you can now transfer to any cruise at any price within 12 months. They will also transfer any future cruise deposit to another cruise as long as it is in the 12 month period. Hope this into is helpful to cruisers. Anybody brave enough to book another cruise for the future?
  2. hollyjess


    Thanks we did know that but we already have 3 cruises booked using the £50 deposit while on our last cruise. Hopefully it will not come to that but we will watch very carefully to see how things go.t.
  3. hollyjess


    We are going on med cruise in June visiting Italy and Croatia amongst other ports. My husband is 80 and diabetic so we are going to keep a very close eye on what happens. We booked this cruise specifically for Croatia so if the virus flares up there we will more than likely cancel before paying the full amount.
  4. We are going on med cruise in June including Italy on Arcadia. We are due to pay balance in 3 weeks but are now unsure as we are both over 75 and have underlying health issues. We only paid £50 'll deposit so is it worth the risk? I would be interested to know people's views.
  5. Thanks I am sure we will enjoy. We are pleased with the price we have to book select price as my husband is disabled so we have to book an accessible cabin. Hope you enjoy Aurora.
  6. On the subject of cabin prices. We booked 14 days on Iona for November for £800 with only £40' deposit! Admitted it is inside cabin but for that price we will put up with it and it is an extra cruise for us that we did not intend!
  7. hollyjess


    We are going on med cruise in June on Arcadia which is already famous for its cabin cough! Hope this virus controlled by then. Is anyone thinking of cancelling any cruises?
  8. On the subject of travel insurance if anyone is having problems getting cover for over 80s try Natwest or Nationwide. They provide good annual cover it you either have or open an account with them.
  9. you will have a supply of tea bags coffee sachets milk and biscuits in your cabin. These are replenished daily by your cabin steward.
  10. Thankyou. I have heard something about Natwest doing a similar thing.
  11. My husband will be 80 in March at our present will no longer cover us. I have heard that a well known high street will insure with no upper age limits of you open an account with them. Has any cruises heard of and if so enlighten me please.
  12. Thanks for your input. My husband used a mobility scooter which is quite cumbersome. He has no problem on elaboration of disembarking. The problem is these days the ports are miles away from the town centre and there are only some ports that supply big enough transport from ship to town. We do realise this when we book our cruises and are more than happy to stay on board but I would like to know what people do with any unspent one apart from speciality restaurants perhaps.
  13. Hello all. If I have a large amount of On board spend I buy Christmas and birthday gifts. We do not drink alcohol and are unable spend on trips as husband disabled so cannot manage the gang plank. I would like to know if other passengers do similar?
  14. We have booked our first fly cruise on Britannia. Has anyone stayed in D701? We would like any comments please.
  15. My husband will be 80 in March and I will be 75 in April. Until now we have had an annual travel insurance which covered us both. He has medication controlled type 2 diabetes arthritis and controlled hypertension and I have controlled hypertension and on statins. We were wondering if anyone has advice about renewing our travel insurance for regular cruises?
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