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  1. Definitely not worth it for me. I’ve already paid for my food 😂
  2. They weren’t our table mates...they were seated at the table next to ours but they might as well had been our table mates...but they were awful. They would not shut up. Ever. It’s like they thought if there was a moment of silence somebody would die. They were like a parasite that attaches themselves to us and wouldn’t leave us alone. We always request a table for 2 so my wife and I can just talk to one another. With these two we couldn’t get a word in edgewise. To ourselves or them! I should of asked to have been moved. I won’t make that mistake again.
  3. Parks are not going to put themselves in a position where the only thing standing between them and a potential lawsuit is a 17 year old ride op manning the line. There’s wiggle room in height restrictions. Im not advocating for trying to sneak your child on, nor faulting the parks for being strict on the height restrictions. But to think that parks wouldn’t add in some buffer is ridiculous.
  4. It’s actually pretty common knowledge that theme parks always overshoot the height restriction by a couple of inches just to be extra safe. So could someone who is a half inch short ride a roller coaster and be perfectly safe every time? Absolutely. Parks are protecting themselves by inflating the height restrictions. I get it. Not going to fight it. What really gets me is when I see kids meet the height restriction but the parents still don’t let them ride because they believe it’s still not safe. Or better yet when they are on the ride and the parent is holding on acting like the safety bar! If your kid meets the height restriction they don’t need anything but the harness!
  5. I’m sure Royal can find some short itineraries until 2021.
  6. I’m happy my post has been able to help! I’ve learned a lot on these boards so I’m happy to give back! Enjoy Bermuda. It’s lovely.
  7. I’d take an Uber. The taxis add an automatic fare on top of the regular fare because you’re going to the airport.
  8. It is not hard to remove the auto tips. Just go to guest relations and ask them to be removed. Easy.
  9. He’ll get his money. I bet RC settles this one rather quickly.
  10. Head to guest services and ask them to remove auto gratuities. Then tip as you want. Until the cruise line forces passengers to tip it is ultimately each person’s decision.
  11. I echo sending the request to the email listed above. I have done that for my 3 previous cruises and have always recurved the table for 2 that we requested!
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