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  1. I’ll wait until there is a vaccine. And that goes for traveling period, not just cruising. This pandemic has shown me that you can’t trust your neighbor to help keep you and your family safe. So, my family and I will wait till the vaccine.
  2. Absolutely. It helps keep me and those I’m around safe. And it’s not hard to do. It’s literally the least anyone can do to help out.
  3. ...and if the person who has it is wearing a mask that helps keep those droplets out of the air. And if someone who doesn’t have it is wearing a mask it helps keep those droplets from being inhaled.
  4. If you chose not to wear a mask you are putting your wants and needs ahead of your fellow human beings. Being selfish is the cornerstone of Western Culture which regards individualism as a prized characteristic. Where as Eastern Culture puts the emphasis on community over a individualism. I wear a mask. Everyone should.
  5. Clearly I am not a Princess vet, but from looking at the Princess website it is my understanding that Royal Princess does not sail between Victoria and Vancouver. Just from looking at the map they post. Hopefully someone who has been on the ship can confirm.
  6. This is exactly what I was looking for! I’m not too concerned about location midship or not, but I really don’t want people to be able to look down on us/be exposed to the elements. I’ll look at the Baja and Caribe decks now 🙂
  7. Thank you for the info. I had read about these programs on the Princess site but it’s even better to hear it from actual cruisers. I love Royal but it seems like Princess has Alaska down to an art.
  8. Thank you so much for the info. How will I know which deck is Caribe?
  9. I’m assuming you are just talking about Alaska, and after looking into it I would agree. But curious as to why you say this? Is it just that Princess is the best in Alaska? Or is Royal that bad in the area-why?
  10. Hello Everyone! My wife and I are Royal Caribbean vets but we are strongly considering a Princess for an Alaska cruise in 2022. From my research it seems like Princess is the way to go in Alaska with access to Glacier Bay and the North to Alaska program. I do have a few questions for the experts here, I tried to limit them as I have already found a bunch of info here. 1. Anytime vs. Traditional dinning. My wife really enjoys having the same wait staff the whole cruise. If we do traditional we can request a table for 2 at time of booking/on the personalize page, correct? 2. I see that you can call the dine line each morning and make a reservation if you are doing Anytime. Are you able to make a reservation for the whole week with the same wait staff with anytime? Royal Caribbean does this. 3. We are probably going to go with a balcony cabin and the ships for the 2021 season are the Coral, Star, and Royal (I realize 2022 may have different ships) but from looking at pictures are there some balcony cabins that are open to those above you who can look down into your balcony? Any suggestions on decks that are best for balconies/which ones to avoid for privacy? 4. Any other tips/advice/info that is specific to Princess that I should know? Thank you in advance for helping this Princess Newbie!
  11. I’ll throw my question in this thread instead of starting a new one. Wife and I are Royal Caribbean vets but seriously considering Princess for Alaska, which would be our first on Princess. we are also looking at these ships with a balcony cabin. Any recommendations? From looking at pictures it seems like some balconies people can look down on you from above? what decks/locations are best for balconies and which locations would you avoid? thank you!
  12. Thank you for the response and I was thinking much like you said. We don’t really have a preference north or south we will pick based on date/price if there is a difference. I’ll try to get a cabin on the side facing the coast for longer periods, but good to know that if I can’t secure a cabin on that side it should t make much of a difference!
  13. Hey Everyone, Frequent cruiser but a newbie for Alaska. Everything is brand new and so different than the Caribbean Cruises I’m used to planning. Is there a side of the ship that you prefer for a balcony cabin on an Alaska cruise? My wife and I are looking at June 2022 and booking right when cruises are released. Thank you for any advice you can give!
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