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  1. I’d take an Uber. The taxis add an automatic fare on top of the regular fare because you’re going to the airport.
  2. It is not hard to remove the auto tips. Just go to guest relations and ask them to be removed. Easy.
  3. He’ll get his money. I bet RC settles this one rather quickly.
  4. Head to guest services and ask them to remove auto gratuities. Then tip as you want. Until the cruise line forces passengers to tip it is ultimately each person’s decision.
  5. I echo sending the request to the email listed above. I have done that for my 3 previous cruises and have always recurved the table for 2 that we requested!
  6. It may not be new but it is WAY more prevalent now. Almost every cruise I plan out has this option now. On my 3 previous? It wasn’t even an option. I wanted the option of a guarantee do I could save some money but it wasn’t a option.
  7. Love the Aqua theater. So convenient and a great location for the belly flop and sexiest man events, and the movies under the stars. At night we loved walking through Central Park!
  8. our only complaint of the Oasis class is that it is hard to find the ocean...as funny as that is to say while on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. We were also in an inside cabin so that didn’t help much. I would imagine having an ocean balcony would help solve that problem a bit.
  9. Haha Thanks for breaking down my post history. I’ll be sure to list that stat line in my signature. Just because Royal is my preferred line doesn’t mean I defend them to the end. They have a good product in terms of ships but lack in service. I sail Royal for their ships not for their customer service. I know they lack in it so I come prepared with everything printed off in case I need to show anything. And I have had to do it several times. I shouldn’t have to do that.
  10. This is a wonderful post. Royal keeps making the same mistake: they think they are in the cruise business when in actuality they are in the customer service business and they suck at that part. Especially when things go wrong. This is where Disney is especially good.
  11. Find yourself a good lawyer and let them do their thing!
  12. So very true. And it’s no surprise who is once again leading it. It amazes me that people will stop, spend time to reply with a snarky response, but offer nothing to help the poster out. We we can do better than this.
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