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  1. Everything I have read indicates kids are at a lower risk, infections under 40 are significantly lower than the rest of the population....so kids are probably at a lower risk than you!
  2. We are traveling in a group of 8 and we have three balcony cabins right next to each other. Is it possible to get the partitions removed? If so who would we direct our request to? Ship is independence of the seas....
  3. I was on this cruise, they didn't give a 24 hour notice for the crew party and it was off limits to passengers so we couldn't join unfortunately because it looked like they were having fun! I had a boardwalk balcony that overlooked the party so we people watched a little bit. It was definitely an open bar and the crew were having lots of fun! It was loud but it didn't really bother me and my family. My kids thought it was cool to see the cast of mamma mia partying it up and enjoyed listening to the music!
  4. thanks for the good suggestion!
  5. Following as well, on May 12th Allure and from what i can find online not much for families with young kids in San Juan. Super bummed. I will have a 5 and 8 year old.
  6. what is everyone's experience with stand-by lines for the Broadway style shows?
  7. Yes, I am disappointed in the time options for Mama Mia. Why 10:30pm on the 2nd night? For a 2.5 hr show that is late! I booked for the first night but may end up skipping it. I like to explore more on night 1
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