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  1. Any idea where Navigator will go after Her Miami 3-4 nighters?? we loved her prefurbish and would love to take a 7 day on her after upgrade sad to see her waste in the 3-4 nighter
  2. Cruising as always can be hard, lol. We love our port stops but HOS does provide so much to do. Travel Insurance--another great benefit it pays like $ 1,200 per person for any ports/times changed. That would help ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Leave ASAP so the next week's passengers can board. How would you feel if you were delayed due to people leaving late the week prior. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Random Wind is one of the best. We had a group of 20+ last month on our charter and everyone's favorite stop by far. Good drinks, great food, wonderful hosts, and The Tarzan swing!! Say hello to Luuke, Darcy, and Anna--3 of the best in the business!!!
  5. Can anyone advise how small or big the non alcoholic beer selection is on the Harmony? I assume there is no drink package to include these other than deluxe? Cost per? I assume if the person were to drink 7-8 a day it might be worth to get deluxe? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Looking to get back on the Navigator in 2021 with a 7 night or greater trip. I only see it out of Miami on 3-4 nights only to Bahamas/CocoCay. Was hoping the ABC's or Southern route? Any idea of where it will head after April 26, 2021? Thanks in advance
  7. Reviews at top--search Harmony of the Seas--gives a great variety of the good, bad, and ugly. As with any cruise these are very subjective. Drink packages vary depending on time of sailing, time of booking, ship, etc. etc. etc. Up charges are only for specialty restaurants, escape room, starbucks, arcade, and drink packages--maybe a few more. I'm sailing in April and I know this ship and details from reading posts and reviews online. Spend the time you too can learn all there is too know.
  8. Attitude: This is how to answer your question. If you are a positive fun outgoing person--you will love it. If you find fault in little things, pessimistic, or glass half empty you will struggle on any cruise. I love a quote from another CC which says something like 'when my wife and I start complaining or finding negatives on cruise's we should stop cruising' Any day at Sea is better than land!!!
  9. It would be great if they were CC members and came on to give us their side of the story. I would assume they would not accept any blame but here's to hoping we get the facts. In my few years of cruising we are always back 1 hour prior to all aboard.
  10. Great review. We sail in 56 days on the same itinerary. Do you have copies of the Cruise Compasses you could scan? I've been looking for updated ones and can only find them back to late 2018. Thanks!! ps. I can give you my email if easier if you happen to have them
  11. Labadee-Yes--drinks and food are included
  12. 4boys531---How was the new catarmaran?? We have around 25 for a private charter and just curious how roomy it is? I know they still have the Swing but any other fun features on the boat? Thanks in advance.
  13. Random Winds is a great guide. Brand new catamaran being used this season. We have toured with them before and they are great hosts. Dianne, the owner, has been very instrumental is helping the island since the hurricane, so better reason to support them.
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