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  1. Have visited San Juan numerous times ( maybe 20) We have walked all over Old San Juan - morning , noon and night. Even walked back to our hotel El Convento from the salsa club we were at at 2:30 am - no problems. But stay to the main streets after dark - we found lots of police out that early !
  2. I (and husband) are divers but do a lot of snorkeling too. We have dove al over the world including the Red Sea while on a trip to Egypt. THE best has been Roatan Honduras. West Bay Beach is beautiful white sand, restaurants and bars (all very low key) and gorgeous water and reef for snorkeling right off the beach. West End is a $3.00 - 8 minute water taxi ride away for shopping and more restaurants etc. Belize and Grand Cayman are next for snorkeling but I can't stand Belize so don't plan to go there again (been twice) so Grand Cayman is nice but very crowded island. Gorgeous sand and water tho and diving is great but snorkeling not so sure as most places you need to go out (in a boat) to access reefs and fun stuff to see. Thats my 2 cents 😑
  3. We are staying at the Jumeirah Etihad towers. A bit over your range (@200.00) but right in the "sweet spot" Not sure when you are going - we will be there 3 nights March 15-16-17. I will post our experience .....
  4. OK. Thought I had pretty much everything figured out for our upcoming cruise that ends in Singapore. We were to spend 2 nights at the Carlton after disembarking flying home on the 3rd night leaving late. So thought we had almost 3 days to explore. BUT.... received an email from Emirates and they cancelled our flight giving us the option to fly home a day early or a day later..... unfortunately couldn't stay a day later. So we have part of one day (after disembarking) and part of another. I know I want to see the gardens and do a bit of shopping - perhaps in a cool older market area. But any insights into what we can realistically see in our time frame. Should I book a private tour for our disembark afternoon? Then DIY on our next morning/lunch. Our driver is picking us up at 6:00 pm for a 9:10 flight. Any advice is appreciated - as we are disappointed but know you have to "go with the flow" when traveling.
  5. You need to go to your roll call and post this question. This is ports of call forum....
  6. You did not indicate which cruise - and date. But we are on the March 18th Constellation cruise from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. Sound like same itinerary. We are taking a private tour from Mumbai to see the Taj Mahal. Message me if you would like info on the tour we are taking. I cannot recommend here as its not allowed. You can research further if you wish to do so.
  7. Just read the thread I posted titled UAE LIST OF DRUGS NEEDING APPROVAL TO BRING INTO THE COUNTRY It would seem if you were concerned enough to submit an application that you would at least read the threads for more info ????
  8. Thats the great thing about this website - we are all here to help each other ! Glad it helped
  9. We also fly into Dubai - transfer to Abu Dhabi and embark on our cruise from there. So Customs and Immigration at the airport. Luckily neither I nor my husband take any of the listed drugs - I came across this list while researching what drugs needed the approval/dr. paperwork and thought it would be helpful to those also traveling to UAE.
  10. http://www.mohap.gov.ae/Files/MOH_Service/361/ANNEX TO TRAVELLERS GUIDELINES 28-10-2018.pdf Whew - this was really hard to find. Anyone visiting United Arab Emerites bringing these drugs MUST have proper approval before arriving. The list is Narcotics, Psychotropic etc. Any medications that have these in them also must be approved according to website. Any other medications are OK. Hope this helps
  11. Terry - Mike and I did a wonderful dive in the Red Sea at Hurghada. Very different from the Caribbean (we have dove all over it !) Definitely wasn't going to go all that way and stay 2 nights and NOT dive !!!! I have a great pic of us on camels in front of the pyramids and another of us on a camel trek into the desert in Morocco. Guess I should think about a desert visit will in the UAE next March ?? I should start a collection maybe?
  12. I think its very important to note that ships do not visit Luxor. It is not near an ocean but rather along the Nile. Many cruises will have an excursion that will travel to Luxor and some have an one that will spend the night allowing to visit many sites there. On our 15 day tour (Nov 2010) after our 7 day Nile cruise we were bused from Luxor to Hurghada (on the Red Sea) for 2 nights at an all-inclusive. The bus ride while interesting through some barren desolate desert was quite long ( seem to remember about 4+ hours) as we arrived for a late lunch. But I don't believe any ships are docking in Alexandria which is closer to Cairo (for a pyramid visit) but still would require an overnight excursion.
  13. In my research for our trip next March, I have read that their monarch has and is on a very focused mission to bring their country into the 21st century and make it a top tourist destination. He has made many many changes and his people are prospering. I, too, am anxiously awaiting our time there ......
  14. Just did a search for flights from Cairo to Luxor. Only 2 airlines (Egyptair and Nile Air) were listed. I don't believe there are any non Egyptian airlines that fly intra-country. Also - take a falucca ride if you can..... and take one of the smaller faluccas. It will take you back in time as you glide along the Nile with the sails up. Very relaxing. We had some young kids on makeshift floats come up near the boat and sing, in English, to us .... and our captain rolled out a carpet with lots of interesting pieces of jewelry (beaded etc.) that were very cheap - but unique and fun. I bought a bunch ! LOL Made his day :) Gosh - its hard to begin to tell you all the neat tidbits of our trip. We only had 11 in our tour (Gate 1) and a superb guide that went above and beyond doing lots of extra stuff with us not on the "itinerary" Egypt will fascinate and capture your heart - I promise !
  15. While there are some cruise lines that provide speakers who will give talks about various topics related to the cruise and its itinerary, these are usually not on what i would call the mainline cruise lines. Occasionally you may find one but its not the norm. We have found that one of the best ways to achieve what you want to achieve is to book a well reviewed private tour while in the various ports. Usually when you book you can request a guide (not a driver as they do nothing but drive) who will give you what you specifically ask for. I usually ask for the basic sights but also ask to experience the place as a local. That may involve eating at a restaurant that is not a "tourist" spot but one where the locals go for lunch. I like a mix of history, culture and a "bit" of fun too. It also doesn't hurt to do some research on your own before the cruise. I have always felt that half the fun was the research and planning. I have met many people who get on the ship and don't have a clue about where they are going or what to do while they are there. THAT blows my mind....... oh well, to each his own I guess.
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