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  1. So if it’s a la carte it isn’t in the free speciality dinning package?
  2. Some of the restaurants say $0.00 when booking a specialty place. Some say a la carte. What happens in the a la carte restaurants as far as price? What about the $0.00 will my bill be nothing really? Thanks in advance!
  3. It looks like NCL does the perks of “shore excursion credit, drink package and specialty dining” Often! So my question is this: I login on my account and it is asking if I want to buy drink packages and specialty dining. How does this work? Shouldn’t I already have it in my package if I booked under this perks deal? Also, how does the shore excursion credit work? TIA
  4. We are not a needy family at all so didn’t “ask” for anything but was pleasantly surprised by all the surprises. Different snacks, chocolate covered fruit, cheese plates, etc every afternoon. We called him the white rabbit bc we never saw him much but we knew he was there bc of our treats and surprises. It was like he learned our routine and accodated us without requests. Of course when we wanted or needed something it was never an issue but if you don’t have anything specific you really want it is fun to see how they make it special!
  5. Looking at the freestyle daily for a breakaway cruise. There are a few wine tastings that are at 1:30. But if I read the dailies correctly the kids club is closed from 12-2. Is that correct? If so that stinks!!
  6. I have one who will be 7 or JUST 8 depending on which we pick. And one who will be 12. She is very immature 12 though!
  7. My husband and I went on the escape alone a few years ago. We loved it! We did the haven and were totally spoiled. We just got back from a Disney Cruise but couldn’t afford the 20k they wanted for the same class of rooms so we did a regular balcony. We thought our kids would be over the moon with the kids club. We have heard stories of having to drag kids out because they loved it so much. However our kids were so so with it. An hour at a time three times and they were done. I think it was just too chaotic. They are quiet kids. Does anyone have experience with the kids club on the breakaway? I know there is still going to be a ton of kids but how did your kids do? Wondering if there will be enough for them to do? Thanks!!
  8. Me too!! Me too!! Me too!! I want ALL the tips!!! Keep them coming!
  9. Thank you! It’s so helpful to hear from people who have actually been there and done it!! I have heard it wasn’t walkable and although she can swim I was worried! We will bring our vests! I would rather she have them and not need them than vice versa!!! Thanks again!
  10. I heard it was a longer swim than you would think to some sort of slides at castaway cay. My daughter is a good swimmer but of course hearing this concerns me. If we bring her coast guard approved life jacket (from our own personal boat) will she be allowed to wear it out to the slide?
  11. Counting down and starting to organize what we need for our cruise. What would you recommend for Castaway Cay? We are driving so we can bring whatever with us and would rather be prepared than want something we didn’t bring! Also what about sea lice lotion? I read somewhere we would need that. Is that true?
  12. We will be on a short 3 day cruise on fantasy. We booked late (it’s a make up cruise to our kids since I had surgery and had to cancel a 7 night last min) so we have late dinning. I am not worried about it as far as bedtime and such since we will be making as much of our time on ship as possible and our kids are old enough it doesn’t matter. But...1. Will late dining affect our pirate night experience? 2. What time is the party/fireworks? 3. What are the times for the shows? We want to see as many as possible! Thanks in advance!
  13. 1. Is there an age or height requirement for the aquaduck on the fantasy? 2. Can you use a go pro on the slide??
  14. We are going on a short 3 day cruise on the Fantasy after our Disney vacation in July. This is a makeup cruise for our kids. We had to cancel a cruise because of work last year and another 2 weeks ago because I had to have urgent surgery. The third time is the charm hopefully!!! So we want this to be an amazing trip! Our girls are 6 and 11. What are your must dos? Any inside tips? Anything we should back outside the normal items we wouldn’t pack that would make this trip amazing? Thanks so much!!
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