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  1. ABC would definitely be my first choice. Amber Cove is offered in many itineraries.
  2. I canceled a B2B2B for Jan/Feb 2021 because due to our age we didn't feel comfortable sailing in case a 2nd wave of Covid appears. I canceled on Wed. 6/10 and received new Carnival Gift Cards on Fri., June 12th. Was really amazed because of reading about people waiting forever for their refunds.
  3. Ours was not a full transit. It was a Partial Panama Canal transit through new larger canal into Gatun Lake where we anchored for 4 hours before it was our turn to go back out.
  4. I remember your CC name and thought you were supposed to be on that cruise with us.
  5. Our last cruise was 2/9-2/23/2020 14-day Partial Panama Canal Journey's cruise on Glory. Fantastic cruise. Sure glad we got to enjoy this cruise before all the shutdowns.
  6. If you're doing B2B cruises, you'll be very lucky if they let you take it back to your cabin at the end of 1st cruise. They'll hold it till end of 2nd cruise.
  7. We've also in the past used the stockholder OBC for gratuities. We had $250 OBC on our recent 14-day Journey's cruise. We had already pre-paid gratuities. Only get a couple of inexpensive shore excursions. On the last day after after cashing out my casino bank, I transferred the rest of my OBC into a slot machine, did one spin, and banked the rest. Then went to casino cage to cash out.
  8. We just got off Glory a week ago. They have a temporary wall blocking where the repairs are taking place. In different ports they were working on the outside repairs.
  9. On our Journey's cruises, the MDR is open for breakfast every morning. If it's a sea day it'll be a brunch menu. If there are 7 sea days (Journey's cruise) there may be 3 or 4 of those days that it's breakfast and then later the MDR is open for lunch. The other sea days it's open for brunch.
  10. As I said above, I think you really lucked out with the person who gave you that extra amount. I send my proof of ownership and both booking numbers & each is counted separately. Last year we did the 7 day + 12 day and only received $100 OBC on each one. This year with our 14 day we're receiving $250 OBC.
  11. That didn't happen to us. Last year we were on a 7-day B2B with a 12-day Journey's cruise. Received $100 on each cruise. You must have lucked out. Each cruise is a separate cruise. We're doing a 14-day Journey's cruise soon & have $250 OBC on my account.
  12. I always send my request via. email. I requested via email for my cruise next month. No problem.
  13. Your AmEx statement credit is not like having OBC on your acct. & losing it. The statement credit will remain on your AmEx acct.
  14. If we want to stay on the ship longer due to checking into a hotel post cruise, I usually switch my zone 1 tags for last group. We go to the MDR for breakfast, then to room to freshen up, then grab our carry-ons and find a place to sit till they kick us off the ship.
  15. We used to book onboard when it was allowed. We received $100 OBC for a 7-8 day cruise. It may have been $200 for a 14-day cruise, though.
  16. My last 3 or 4 cruises have been totally paid for with discounted Carnival GCs. Have saved lots of money that way.
  17. Whenever we've been on any Conquest class ship, the back dining room was for Early & Late Dining with the center DR for Your Time Dining.
  18. If it were a future loyalty gift I would enjoy using them at home but not on cruise.
  19. I plan to bring my own plastic straws for my frozen drinks. I can fit a few in the lanyard/purse I have around my neck. I'm not about to keep going back & forth to my cabin for a straw or to clean a straw.
  20. We reached Platinum status on the 2nd of our B2B in 2013. We were given the Platinum status when we boarded the ship. Our boarding passes & luggage tags said PRIORITY.
  21. I also do not have Allstate Ins. but joined Allstate Rewards & have bought many discounted cards through them.
  22. I agree with you about not missing the AARP Rewards program. Like Allstate Rewards better.
  23. I actually like Allstate Rewards better. You can accumulate points faster. I used all of my AARP Rewards points to buy CCL GCs before they shut it down.
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