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  1. We actually dropped a fourth person. The cost of the cruise had gone up. When we dropped number four they charged us the $50 ( took it out of what we had already paid) and we got about $100 off of the total cruise fare instead of the $400 fare at which the fourth person had originally been booked. It wasn’t worth taking him off because they moved us to the cabin from hell under the galley because it was the only cabin left in that category that accommodated 3. Total nightmare. We thought it would be okay because are not light sleepers and had earplugs but that cabin ruined our cruise, galley noise at 5am. Not worth the $100.
  2. Yes, make him a no show. We have done this and they only charge the $50 but then they rebook you at the current fare and move you to a cabin that only holds 2.
  3. No unfortunately. We just got off 4 weeks ago. And one plug. Ugh.
  4. We didn’t see any private taxis. It all seems controlled by some group taxi entity.
  5. Who made the Vista? Was it the Germans or the Italians? I hope the same clowns are not making the lng ship (Mardi Gras). Scary.
  6. Never been to Portland, but those other cities, with the exception of London (although I haven’t been there in about 15 years), are pretty disgusting too if you ask me. Too many homeless people. But there are still nice areas in most of those places to visit. And in the US at least you have functioning government (generally) and law enforcement that is for the most part legitimate. Love the NYPD myself. Plus, you can pack heat in some of those cities if you are really worried. Lol. We definitely did not feel safe in DC the last time we were there, the homeless population was aggressive and OUT OF CONTROL. Trash everywhere on the mall, trash cans overflowing. Like an apocalyptic movie. But that was before the current administration. I am not sure if they have cleaned it up at all. The general trend in major metropolitan areas seems to be downward everywhere.
  7. Well, we saw them in both la romana and outside of the amber cove compound. We did not have to go through checkpoints in the DR but there were plenty of random “soldiers” standing around. None of that in other ports we have been too, just DR and Belize. Obviously you will probably be fine if you go to these places for a cruise excursion, but they are dangerous and we are done risking it. Just not worth it for us. Everything is disgusting there too. On our last dr excursion through carnival (amber cove) the excursion was just as crappy as the country. It was on a catamaran and the motor barely worked so they only took us 40 feet off shore to snorkel. And there was nothing down there. Ridiculous. We could have just gone off the beach. There were too many people working the excursion, like 10 local people. And they definitely had an antagonism towards cruisers. Not pleasant. All they did the entire time was “party” together and try to pump tips. Night and day from similar excursions in places like Nassau, Grand Cayman and Aruba. And ironically the better excursions were much less expensive too.
  8. Nassau is Disneyland compared to dr and Belize. On our last excursion in Belize (cave tubing) a year ago, we stopped at 3 military checkpoints on the way, guys on the back of pickup trucks with sub machine guns. No thanks. One and done. We’ve been to two ports in DR and they were very similar to Belize. Totally crazy to me that anyone would go on an actual vacation to the DR.
  9. Valor. The dream has been our least favorite ship. Desperately needs a renovation.
  10. DR is a crappy country IMO. We are done getting off at DR ports. But we made that decision before the recent deaths. Now we just feel really smart for making that decision. If you get off there, just don’t drink or eat anything. Bring your own bottled water with you. BTW we are done with Belize too. Good lord what a mess that place is.
  11. We are bad with tipping. We pay the auto grats and tip extra anyway. Room steward, bar, kids club counselors, etc. If the employee provides great service, we tip.
  12. On Carnival we get 2 cabins (parents and 3 kids) and the system treats it like one account (one person listed as responsible party). The OBC on Carnival just goes toward overall account. Is it the same on Princess? Or is the OBC on princess tied to specific people?
  13. That is awful. Are they removing the libraries?
  14. Our kids are are 11 and 10 and have been going for about five years and absolutely love it
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