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  1. I do not sympathize, but I also know that often government regulators and the legal system in the US try to make corporations look as bad as possible, even demonize them. Cruising is a hated industry in many quarters. I do not think the federal judge's response in this case is measured or rational. Maybe she will ultimately act in a measured way, but her recent words are tinged with anger. I am not minimizing CCL'S responsibility in this, but I do think many responses on the forum are over the top. Obviously CCL needs to exercise more oversight of certain employees, because it doesn't matter how much you train people, there will always be the occasional individual who will flout the rules even in life or death situations. But it is interesting that the market continues to back CCL, as the stock is up again today.
  2. The stock has not gone down since this news came out. It dipped a bit a week or so ago because CCL revised earnings downward for the year.
  3. And yet their stock is doing fine. The market disagrees with the majority of people posting on this forum. I am surprised how quick to slam CCL many cc posters are.
  4. I am not a fan of her either and would be happy to see her go for what ever reason. I do like Arnold Donald though.
  5. I agree completely. Those responsible should be held accountable. It is a complete abuse of power for the judge to threaten the cruise line with ruin. She obviously has a bias against cruise lines.
  6. I agree that it is best for families to sit together which is why I was asking the original question... would the free air allow us to sit together? It is something on which I place a priority. But I disagree with your assertion that children are an imposition of some kind. It depends on the child, just like it depends on the adult. I have been seated next to adults on planes who were downright disgusting for a variety of reasons and would have given my left arm to have been seated next to a tidy little 6 six old watching a tablet with earphones. I have a lot of experience with children and many 6 year olds are golden and much less offensive than your average 50 year old.
  7. That's ideal. Thanks for the information.
  8. We also worry about less than optimal connecting flights. Even if you are fairly close, I suspect they will not put you on a direct flight.
  9. Thanks to all for the feedback on this. We have a reservation on hold with the flights and are trying to decide if the flights are worth it. We normally do one inside and one balcony cabin, but to get the flights for everyone we had to switch to oceanview for the inside room which added on $1200 to our over all cost. The transfers are $32 per person, so I guess more like $1350 to overall cost. We are not very worried about sitting with our kids (youngest age 9 and 11), but we would prefer it to keep on eye on them so that they do not annoy other passengers. Lol. So we would pay to sit with them. We would have to pay for bags because it is almost a 2 week cruise (no laundry rooms on ncl, right?). So it is probably a toss up for cost with southwest as others have pointed out. Out of Houston. I am tempted because I like the idea of everything being taken care of. We could also take the "free" flights for the balcony room and switch the oceanview back to inside, save the $1200 and buy our own flights for the inside cabin. We would not be on the same flights in that situation, which I guess is not a huge deal but very inconvenient.
  10. What airline? Do they schedule it for same day? How far in advance to they give you the reservation? If we have 3 kids, will they put us in seats next to our kids? Do we get charged for bags?
  11. Absolutely. Great choice. I am convinced the a/c is better up there.
  12. That's a great summary. Cracked me up for some reason.
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