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  1. When I booked this cabin, I was assured that it could sleep 4. I booked it for 3 but will likely end up with both kids there so 4 is important. Any searches online give unclear results, mainly indicating that it could sleep 3/4. Anyone travelled in this cabin? Or have pictures of it?
  2. Thank you. We will be traveling with children who would be in bed before 10.
  3. How much do people pay to move flight up to prior day? (not sure how they can guarantee I will make it if I do not do so, as winter weather or other things can interrupt)
  4. We have deposits on a cruise for NCL Pearl with rooms 8038 and 8040. Just checked the floorplan and we are under cabins but above the theatre. How much noise would we hear from below and until what time in the evening?
  5. Can you trick the system online somehow, or do you call it in?
  6. I would like to find out whether it is possible to book an NCL balcony cabin for 3 people that actually sleeps 4 people. I can not do it online but was told over the phone that it can be done. I am skeptical. Any thoughts or personal experiences would be welcome
  7. That is what I thought. The outside sections of the balconies will have 180 views, while these inside ones, especially at the corner, would have somewhat obstructed ones and closer to 90 degrees. - Thank you.
  8. I am looking at booking a balcony cabin on the MSC Meraviglia and would like open views. Our travel agent recommended 13250 as it has a bigger balcony. But it seems to me that the views must be quite obstructed as it is in the inner section of the ship. I would love to hear some personal experiences of those who stayed in a similarly located cabin.
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