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  1. I'm happy to find this post. My husband and I will be in Mazatlan in November. I know you can walk from the terminal to the water taxi to Stone Island. I like the sound of all the golf carts everywhere. How close to the ship can you catch a golf cart and will they take you to the Stone Island water taxi? My husband is unable to walk very far without pain and the walk from the ship to the water taxi is more than he can do. Thanks for your help!
  2. eltigre, I'll definitely do that.
  3. Good point. But I still think I"ll wait for another time to go! Thanks, Chris
  4. Oooh, good point scottca075. We'll just have to keep Catalina for another trip. Thanks for your input! Chris
  5. Thanks, sfaaa, I'll keep that in mind!
  6. ATSEAMYLIFE - thanks for your help. I figured we would have to spend a day or two in Long Beach to do this side trip. I love that it will avoid the summer crowds. Will just have to see what we decide. I'd LOVE to do the Helicopter - however, I don't think I'd get my husband to get in one. lol I appreciate the info about the traffic - that would be a big concern. May have to forgo Catalina this trip and wait for another time. Appreciate everyone's help, though. It's great to get info from those who have been there!! Chris
  7. CruiserBruce, I got the first time that you can't get to Catalina from San Diego. Was thinking of coming in early and spending a day or two in Long Beach. Thanks for the weather info - sounds great!! Chris
  8. Milolii, Thanks for taking the time to answer. I thought I had read there was some flow in the Pahoa area so your information is really helpful. We can always do Punaluu Black Sand Beach, but, if I remember correctly, there's a black sand beach where you have to walk over some old lava to get to the beach and locals have been planting coconuts along the beach to re-foliate the area. That is where I'd love to take my husband. It was very uninhabited by beach goers and really lovely. It is sad that the lava has destroyed that area. But the beauty of the nature of the volcano is hard to beat! Thanks, again! Chris
  9. Thank you, CruiserBruce for this link. I appreciate the assistance. Also, it's good to know Catalina could be a day trip. Is November a good time to go out there? Having not lived in Southern California (although I am a Northern California Girl born and raised) I'm not sure about the weather down there that time of year. Also, is it just a walk-around type thing or are there specific things to see and do on Catalina? Thanks again!
  10. Good morning, everyone. My husband and I are cruising out of San Diego in November. I could use some recommendations for hotels near the cruise port that are not too expensive but also not too horrible! Also, I have always wanted to go to Catalina. Can anyone tell me about the process, whether November is a good time to go, and if it's a possible day trip! Any help anyone can give, I would be most appreciative! Thanks, Chris
  11. Thanks, I will check the park website. I appreciate your help!
  12. My husband and I are taking a Hawaii/Mexico cruise in November. I realize any information I get here now could change my November. With that being said, I am interested in how much change has been done by the recent volcano eruption. I want to rent a car and take my husband down to the Pahoa area to see the black sand beach and the beautiful scenery in that area. Seems I heard something about some flow in the Pahoa area. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chris Lilley
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