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  1. What was that .. ah, maybe from black and white tv days
  2. Oh! you are soooo funny .. ummmm shall we put it to a vote
  3. Fair do's if it was a joke
  4. What a very strange attitude. One of the benefits of cruising is connecting with the very people that run the ship. If this is the way you think why travel on a ship, probably best to go to a hotel somewhere .. Oh! I get it, you think you are in a hotel and like to be treated like a 'nobody'. Me, I enjoy the interaction between ourselves and the officers which enhances the experience considerably and has forged many friendships spanning the years. Bal
  5. Hope this isn't going to be the way forward for the Loyalty Lunch, so enjoy meeting up with the 'Table Host' and the banter which occurs. Problem with cocktail parties of this type is that those officers present get cornered by guests and very little mingling actually takes place.
  6. I see that Arcadia arrived Southampton this morning on schedule and was due to sail at 16.30. However she now has a revised sail time of 04.00 on Monday morning. Wonder why such a late and unusual sailing time.
  7. 55 nights on Aurora is even better .. bring it on
  8. Derek Gray has just got on so could well be there for Christmas .. great Captain but, we all know how quickly they change the rotas so don't bank on it.
  9. Had a place in Barbados for a number of years and October until towards the end of December is rainy .. very heavy .. season. Always wrap your suitcases with polythene as they are lightly to get soaked between aircraft and coach and coach and ship and visa versa. Seen the soaked cases soooo many times Bal
  10. Doing this cruise as well and would be interested visiting the old SS Rotterdam, last time I went on her was September '59 as a walk-on in Southampton during her maiden voyage. Would find it very interesting if anyone has made the visit in recent times. Oh! I was 16 at the time😃
  11. I always take ours on for longer cruises
  12. Interesting, last time weather was lovely and we whizzed though immigration also there for two days. Question is for anyone who might have done the daytime riverboat cruise, is it better to go on an excursion or, under your own steam. Not trying to save money, rather just avoid the long queues. Thanks Bal
  13. Bought mine for £1700 in 2008, with dividends and OBC have scooped a return of approximately £7000. Generally do between 6 to 8 cruises a year. Bal
  14. Wondered if anyone has done the New Orleans riverboat cruise along the Mississippi. We would like to do late morning cruise and wondered if it would be better to do the ships excursion or book it ourselves in advance. Thing is last time we were there the queue was considerable and wondered if by booking in advance we would get ushered through rather more quickly. It seems and I may be wrong, that those taking the excursion from the ship had to join a long queue to get their ticket, to get onboard. Bal
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