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  1. Well thank you this all sounds very encouraging. We leave May 23 on the Ruby.
  2. Booked for May of next year on the Ruby. Can anyone who was on a cruise this May tell me how the weather was. I know it could be totally different next May, but just curious. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much. Was not even aware of this but it has been a long time since I have cruised and things have changed. We will not have I do not think TSA precheck, would it help to grab a taxi to the airport. The flight is at 12:00 not 12:20. Thanks again
  4. Thanks. Just what I wanted to hear
  5. Getting off a Ruby Princess on a Sunday and need a flight home. SEA airport. Delta has one at 12:20 pm non stop and that is it. Is that plenty of time? thanks
  6. Thanks - I did not know if you were able to carry it around.
  7. Then can you take it to your cabin. I know their preference will be on the balcony.......... Thanks
  8. I know you cannot bring on beer - and i looked at the selection you can preorder - but do they also have more selection on the ship where you can buy a 6 pack and take it to your cabin?? Ruby Princess Thanks
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