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  1. Hi, thanks. I am on the roll call but not getting any responses to my posts about tours.
  2. I want to swim in the Med at least once but there is so much to do I don't know if I will :)
  3. Hi We are cruising in a few days and I was wondering if anyone could answer my last minute questions. 1. What time is the earliest they will start letting people on the ship in Barcelona? 2. Would you recommend any good beaches for swimming at any of the following ports: Naples, Rome (Civitavecchia), Livorno, Cannes, Barcelona? 3. Is anyone else booked on the 3rd Sept cruise that has booked a (non-NCL) group tour for Rome and/or Livorno? Is there room for more people (3)? Thank you Fiona
  4. We are hoping to catch a fast train but need to be in Rome by 9.15am at the latest to meet the tour. Has anyone done this before?
  5. Hi Has anyone been on the Western Med cruise recently that can tell me what time we will be able to get off the ship in Rome (Civitavecchia)? I am trying to arrange tours and transport from the port to Rome center but cannot until I know what time we can actually be off the ship by. Any tips on the quickest way to get into Rome would also be greatly appreciated. Note, we are not ending our cruise there like some others will be, so no bags/security etc. Its just a port of call for us. TIA Fiona
  6. Thank you so much; I was going to search for dailies tomorrow! :D
  7. Awesome, thanks Connie. We are doing the Epic Med cruise two weeks from today and I was wondering does anyone remember what time you can get off the ship, and what time you have to be back on by at each port for Naples, Rome, Livorno, Cannes, & Palma. I am trying to book tours and in ports like Civitavecchia and Livorno it seems it can be 1-2 hrs travel from the port to get to the destinations (Rome/Florence) which might make it difficult to book tours. Thanks :)
  8. Hi After reading other posts that there are new perks, I checked NCL site for my cruise and cabin category. My cruise date (which I might add is now the most expensive out of the options!) and cabin category has the flag for the 'Eurpose Promotion' and 'Free at Sea'! Although I can only get one or the other and I think I will stick with the free drinks. Fiona
  9. Is there any way to allow more than one person to log on at a time without paying for two plans? I expect that we will both want to use the wifi at the same time while chilling out in the cabin.
  10. Good questions! I didn't even know about Escape the big top until I read this thread :) What are posh passes? TIA
  11. Hi I got 250 minutes free as a perk but I think I will upgrade to unlimited. Do the 250 minutes apply to everyone staying in the cabin i.e. can both my partner and I use it? Same question for unlimited. I am guessing with unlimited noone else can use it e.g. a traveling companion staying in another cabin? This is probably a silly question but does it work all over the ship? TIA
  12. Did any of the lucky ones who have been able to get the $100 OBC added already have OBC with their original booking deal? Or do you only the the $100 OBC added if you didn't already have any? TIA :D
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