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  1. With all the discussion about the difficulty in finding an exit from the port, can anyone put together a free hand map to share?
  2. are there return taxis on the back street frequently or could there be a long wait?
  3. Has anyone been to Mahahual while 2 ships are in port? What is the taxi wait and street scene like?
  4. Are taxis easy to get for the return trip to the port?
  5. I have eaten sea turtle a lot growing up as it was legal then. Popular item in Miami and the keys. Depending on the cut and preparation it can taste like veal or a good cut of steak. Last time I ate it was in 85 on a trip to Grand Cayman.
  6. I think that is the best reply ever. Growing up in Miami and the Keys from the mid 40's I agree.
  7. My wife and I wil be in George Town on a cruise in November and I would like to get some recommendations on restaurants near the port that serve turtle steak. Thanks
  8. Houndfish

    Finally Gave In

    Going for 6+ days at this point. Start at Guanabo(booked) end in Havana. Will look at inland options from Guanabo.
  9. Houndfish

    Finally Gave In

    Cancelled my 11-16-19 Havana cruise. Hoped there would be some movement but looks not. Booked 11-17-19 Allure w caribbean. Planning a fly trip.to Havana in Feb 20
  10. See my reply to a post above.
  11. Took the Jolly Roger on a Carnival cruise in 2015. It was a really good excursion. Ample water time, good lunch, lots of drinks and a really interesting boat trip along the shore of French Harbor. Lasted longer than advertised and was a great value for the $. The crew was outstanding in pointing out interesting things. If you are a snorkeler take your own gear. The fins they provide are small and really limber making you work in the current.
  12. How clean were the restrooms?
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