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  1. Hi Guys, Writing this post, in sadness and unhappiness. Felt that i am being treated not fairly. Let me ask some advise from you all on this. I experience the worst customer service from RCCL for my experience in lost & found (or should i not put lost & found). I was on the RCCL mariener of the seas on this Jan,8 2016 - Jan,11 2016. The experience when i was in the ship was good, nothing to complain about. But start after i left the ship and back to my home, realised that i forgotten to take my things (diamond ring, wedding ring and a watch). I left it inside the locker of my stateroom, and its open i can certainly assure that because i took my wallet out in the morning before checking out, and dumb me forgotten to take the rest of the things out. (Still hurts and blaming myself when i remember this). Story goes on, After i reach home 1-2 hours after i left the ship, **** realise i forgotten my things, called the hotline deseparetly seeking for help, or just an access to the ship to take the things and settle this mistake of mine. Called and was told that the company policy, doesnt allow us to enter back the ship after we left. Ok.. Dont want to make a hard time for the cs, was than advise to emails. Dumb dumb me to believe them, i listen and just emailed them. Hoping there's good soul around, which i believe there is but not around me :( Called them again hoping to speak with a 2nd listener and help me on this, again failed and told to email. Ok than blah blah, emailed the details and etc etc.. I requested for a contact number to the ship directly so that at least they can do something about it. Gave me a number, key in the cc details (take note you have to pay a 7bucks from your cc to call a 1min to the ship). After all these, cant get through the phone. Okay tried again and again and its not successful. Called back the hotline and again was advise to emailed them. Email is a usefull communication if you reply them right away, but do you understand the situation of a desperate customer who needs to get an answer immediately and not just waiting :( After few days, never recevied a reply from them (in the email was told they will reply within 21 days however another email told me within 5 days.) Few days pass and fearing that they cant find the things before the next passenger abord the ship to the stateroom where i was staying, i decided to make a trip to the headquarter. This is actually advise by the cs from the call centre after calling them again and again for update. And there is not even a direct line to the headquater to seek help, have to go down and talk to them personally. After a few calls, found out that the cs from the call centre is not even located in Singapore, but outside Singapore. Went down to hq and again same thing please email the lost & found relevant department. Damn, this is not even lost and found, its just i need a permission to get access / in touch with someone on the ship to get my things back on a place where i can assure where i have put them. Ok here comes the most dissapointing part, so after few days, sorry almost coming to 1 month. Predicting from the sailing date, it should have almost 3 different customers in and out already. Called the cs almost everyday, and same **** different day. CS was told that 1) they are still trying to contact the ship releavant department 2) trying to find my things the lost & found department to see if they can find the things (as supposed that every items left in the stateroom will be put inside the lost & found bins). I hate myself that i trusted on their unkept promise and rubbish, they cant contact the ship wherelese myself not from RCCL can even easily contact the ship directly, trust me dumbness to believe them and just wait patiently, arggghhh !!! The first customer relations, promising to call and update almost 3-5times empty promises, but end of the day nothing as really NOTHING has been done their promise to update. Few times, I have even heard " give me 2 hours i will get back to you " even if the CS is on the other planet, it wont be a 2 days different between CS and the countey i am in. After 2 days of no reponse back. I have enough and call them almost every hour, speaking to each CS who picked up my phone my bad experience. Lastly, the upper position of the CS called me, another guy who cant be trusted with words. Was told that they cant find the things, have interviewed the stateroom attendant, and etc etc bla bla bla. Have done their best bla bla, am very sorry bla bla. Check the camera and etc bla bla for the last person who enters and leave the room. And my things really cannot be found. Halo, it has been 20++ days, if on that day itself the CS really take serious action, it could have easily solve this matter. Told the CS i request to speak to the stateroom attendant myself and hope to get at least a positive answer, again got rejected due to company policy. Fantastic job CS of RCCL, imagine you left your things inside the room, and just seeking a help on the day you realised it, for just someone to enter the room and take the things and keep it, simple and its settled no hassle. Best part, ok since i am already dissapointed with the CS their words seems like kids who cant keep their promise to me, i decided to call the ship directly. Again a freaking 7 bucks for each 1min (not included those automated voice and please wait while we transfer the call ****) and try my luck if someone actually pity me and allowing me to speak with the supervisor & stateroom attendant. Finally, someone from the ship itself actually knows my desepartion and forward me to the relevant people in charge. Guess what, after 20++ days seeking for help, i was told this. "Sir we actually just got your message TODAY, that items is lost in the stateroom"... *** !! After 20 days i keep asking your CS for help, and the CS just advise the ship today? Halo RCCL CS, you guys think that i am a kid who you can just make up a story and hoping that i can give up the things and let this matter? I am trully trully very very DISSAPOINTED and going crazy on how will a multi national company, giving the best service experience from the cruise employers INSIDE the ships and giving the WORST, ***, ****TY service from the CS outside the ship. Guys, i do hope to get a few advise on my story and what can i do to get back my things? Thanks.
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