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  1. What will eventually become of Carnival's Fantasy class ships, which date back to the 1990s? With the departure of the Holidays and older, smaller classes, the Fantasy class are now the oldest, and smallest, ships in the fleet. They were once a backbone of the 1990s fleet, between the older, smaller classes and the emerging larger classes in the days before megaships. I sailed on Carnival Fascination for my first cruise, in 2001. I enjoyed this trip and still keep an eye on Fascination's evolution, and want to sail on her once more to see how much has changed and how much remains the same. The Fantasys have had a good long service life, and when they are retired, hopefully they will find good homes. Any idea of their next lives?
  2. The three new ships that Disney Cruise Line have ordered (for launch in 2021, 2022, and 2023) don't have names, as of yet. What are your guesses for the names for the new vessels? My guesses would be Wish (from "When you wish upon a star"), Star (from "When you wish upon a star"), and Princess (since Disney have historically made a lot of princess films), or maybe even some classic original Disney character names. A Facebook friend even suggested Millennium Falcon (I replied that a ship with that name would of course need to be Star Wars themed throughout). By the way, I'm booked for my first Disney cruise--Disney Fantasy sailing May 11, 2019 (with a craniofacial family group someone else has organized). I'm looking forward to this new experience! SmithAlien
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