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  1. Sadly I agree and stopped planning for now. Fingers crossed at this point for spring break
  2. Lee2385

    Best sunset?

    Hi guys, for those who have done both, would you say the sunset is better on the beach (if so which beach) or by boat? We are (hopefully) going end of December thank you
  3. Awesome. I’ll jot this down and look into it. Thank you!!
  4. Hey all, we are cruising from Miami Dec.26. Trying to find a Christmas light ferry cruise in Miami or Lauderdale but not finding anything on google yet. Anyone know of any that typically go on Christmas night?? Thank you
  5. Awesome guys!!! Thanks a bunch!!
  6. Hi guys, anyone do the New Years Cruise? Are the ships still decorated for Christmas? Anything special done for NYE? How cold is it? We usually Cruise Spring-Summer. Thanks
  7. Our cruise for this offer isn’t until next June so not paid yet. It took about 15 cruises to get our first offer. They offered balcony-suite. Since then we have had an offer every cruise. Idk if we are lucky, if it’s cause they know we will take it or if it’s cause we cruise 3-5x a year. This was first time I was offered an extended on same floor so I wasn’t sure but I took the 8th deck
  8. I went to take the up sell and they changed it to deck 8 for same price! Sweet niblets!
  9. Did the lifeboats obstruct your view at all??
  10. According to deck plan it looks as tho the lifeboats are more towards mid?
  11. Thanks guys! We’ve taken all but one of our up sells in last few years and all have been worth it. $125 is nothing on a 12 day so we are going for it. Thank you all for your input!! 😎
  12. Hi guys, doing a 12 day Europe next July. Currently in a balcony deck 5. Offered extended balcony also deck 5 just a few rooms apart but on starboard side instead of port side we are currently in. It’s only $125 total for the 12 days. Would you give up port side for a connecting room with larger balcony? I like the bigger balcony but not sure if a connecting room would be noisy? Currently 5140, offered 5123. I tried looking for reviews on these rooms but not finding any. Thanks
  13. Thank you!!! We will be staying June 8-10
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