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  1. We did UDP on Harmony a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get it on sale for $152 during Cyber Monday. We absolutely loved it, and it is definitely something we would do again on occasion to change things up.
  2. Let's see if this works... I'd do this again and changed a few things, but it's cool to see the whole process condensed to 3ish minutes.
  3. It’s coming! I pulled it off my GoPro, but it’s I’ve got to move it to my desktop. With being out of town, I haven’t finished that part yet. I’ll work on it when I get home tonight.
  4. I think you'd be fine if you stayed on the deck of the restaurant. With the beach being so much smaller post hurricane, traffic is definitely heavier due to the compact space.
  5. A group of teachers from my school have started doing a summer vacation together, and this year we did NYC. We HAD to have something concrete, so I whipped up a schedule. It was amazing, and I decided to do one for our cruise and I'll never go back. Made it so easy to get a rough idea of what the day looked like. We didn't follow it to a T, but it was nice to have everything in one place.
  6. The last time we were there we just stood around. Having a table made it SO much better! And the food is pretty good. Standard "bar" fare, but I wasn't upset with anything we ordered.
  7. Fletcher is a street in Tampa, and how we get to I-75 to hit I-4. If I tell you it was terrible, would that help? I mean...it wasn't, but I'll say it if you need me to. If you ever sail out of Tampa, it's just off I-275. If you take I-95 to I-4, it's a backtrack, but if you come down I-75 it's on the way!
  8. Just search the forum. "Navigator Review" "Harmony Review" etc. They should pop up.
  9. You're welcome! So I'm having to Frankenstein our tickets...I get a First Class companion pass annually as one of my perks (I have the Reserve Card), but it has to be lower 48. I have to book RT Tampa-Seattle, then one way FC tickets Seattle-Anchorage, and Vancouver-Seattle. I can't use miles for the companion pass, so I have to pay the cost less the $1,000. The one way legs will be miles for one, and points from my credit union for the other. It's possible, however, that the TPA-SEA flight will only be $1,000, and then I'd only be out the taxes/fees. I can hope, right?
  10. I am almost certain we were at Havensight. We did! It was delicious! Should have gotten a bigger one as we shared.
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