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  1. I am SOOOOO excited for your review! We are doing this sailing Jan 26, 2021!!!! It will be exciting to get tips from you! Thanks for doing this 😀
  2. So excited to read your review! I love your pictures and details thank you very much :)
  3. Hi! I am looking to book the ultimate Flowrider Experience for our family and friends (total of 6 of us). In the description it says that you can book for you, friends, family but when I go to add it to the cart it will only allow one person to be selected in the cruise planner. Is this because it is a total price for everyone but it doesn't matter if the 6 of us show up? Also has anyone done this before??? Thanks for any info!
  4. I was on our cruise planner today trying to find info on photo packages and when I hovered my mouse over the section "Internet & More" initially it showed photo packages and the key but then they disappeared and if I selected into this section it was not listed at all. I have two cruises in 2020 I was looking at Mar 2020 and May 2020..... Maybe it's too early for this? If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. I did search the forum but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I have been trying to see the cost of a photo package and the key for a couple of my sailings (Mar 2020 and May 2020) and when I scroll over internet and more main category they are listed but then disappear within a few seconds and if I go to the full drop down it does not show up. Does anyone have any insight? ideas? fixes for this? Or is it too early for these sailings and that is why they disappear? Thanks :)
  6. We were there end of October 2018 and took the tour that did the two main areas of Santorini through Royal and it included a cable car ticket to get down. We went by a separate tender in a faster boat, took a coach up to the first town(I can't remember. The name) , explored, then A coach to a winery, then onto Fira and were able to explore and go back to the ship when we chose. It was awesome!
  7. Amazing review to all of those contributing. We are in Calgary and looking at doing an Alaskan cruise so thank you for all of the beautiful photos, tips, information and sharing your journey!!!!
  8. So excited to read this review!! Your reviews inspire me so much and we are on FOS in march 2020 so this is very exciting!
  9. Thank you! I appreciate the response makes my decision a bit easier.... we have two cruises a 7 day and 11 day coming up and I am doing the crazy math for these to see if it will be a benefit 😉
  10. I am thinking of getting the unlimited drink package for our next cruise we have never bought it before... if you buy a drink that is over the max price allowed do they just charge you the extra? ie drink is $15 and max price is $13 they charge me $2? Thanks :)
  11. Hubby and I have been cruising Carnival the last few years after rediscovering our cruising love for our daughter's grade 12 Grad trip....... Fast forward to last year we were convinced to try a Royal cruise..... a B2B out of Venice to Greece and Croatia...... so We now leave in 20 some odd days and as I read your review I find myself laughing as soooooooo much of what you say about the websites is true and driving me crazy too :') I can't wait to read the rest of you review!
  12. Loving your review! We are doing a B2B on Rhapsody to Greece and Croatia Oct 20/27, 2018 so very excited for this review! Thanks :)
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