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  1. Can I ask a general question about sailitin a Royal Suite please - we’re treating ourselves on Silhouette in May to an RS which we’ve never sailed in before and wondered how the unlimited speciality dining works? Do you need to pre book or just turn up?? Also when do you get to choose what bottles of spirits you want in your suite please?? Clearly important issues for us....🤣🤣. Thanks very much for any assistance you can give xx
  2. I agree with you that I think they should have offered them to those of us whose Asia cruises they cancelled first.....unfortunately I don’t think they even considered that which shows a real lack of concern for those of us who had their holiday of a lifetime taken away...... I’m very disappointed at the way they’ve handled it......
  3. I’m glad you’re grandkids got full refunds, unfortunately for us that’s not the case! We’ve had to pay fees for our BA flight and also for the new flight we had to add from Seoul to Tokyo when we re-routed after the China cruise was moved and we can’t get a refund on the Heathrow hotel pre cruise either......so adding those costs to the charges to re-arrange our Shanghai flight we’re well out of pocket at the moment.... It’s all the time everything takes as well but I know there’s a lot of others in my situation too - I just wish Celebrity had given us options rather than a straight cancel...
  4. All sailing on Silhouette today have a great cruise and please post pics of cabins as soon as is comfortable for you.... Bon Voyage
  5. That’s a little harsh! The timing can definitely be criticised as Wednesday was the last day that onboard bookings for our Japan cruise on 10th April could have been transferred without loss of deals or any charges so by leaving the decision until early Thursday they removed that option. This means we’re left with no holiday and a lot of things to cancel too!! In our case we had also been on a b2b with the China cruise scheduled for 28th March which we had been able to transfer because it was an onboard booking but as independent travellers we then had to re route our flights and change hote
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