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  1. Reply from our TA re 11th April cruise.
  2. Owner and his dog in Beijing, this is from a Chinese newspaper.
  3. From the Guardian.
  4. We are still waiting for news of our HK to Japan in April, would like to get it cancelled or confirmed as want to make alternate plans as is over Easter.Air China who we are travelling with are still selling the flights we are booked on, and MSC is still selling the cruise on their website.
  5. Daily Mail is a source of Fake news!
  6. I am prone to sneezing fits, I have an allergy to something. I have narrowed it down to something beginning with “ch”! i can have as many as 13 sneezes in a row after having either chilli, chocolate, Chardonnay and champagne and am not being facetious! so for people who don’t know me and they are next to me in a queue or at an adjoining table...
  7. Thanks Liz, we are looking at it as a back up plan if the Hong Kong one gets cancelled!
  8. On the MSC UK site I am looking at a Voyagers Club Selection cruise which has the 5 plus 15% discount, I have put in my Voyagers club number we are diamond, and I am getting a message saying the rate is only available for Voyagers club member and to look at other options! What’s that about?
  9. We have booked a package with hotels, flights and cruise included. We are hoping to get better flights at least.
  10. We are not going till April.
  11. We are on the Bellissima sailing Hong Kong to Japan in April, not worried about the cruise at the moment but concerned about being on an air China flight with a stop of 4 hours in Beijing!
  12. Then things must have changed since I posted this in 2017, but I am pretty sure it still says in the t&c’s that you cannot take wine on board. I am happy to be corrected though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for that Liz, it will be much appreciated.
  14. Now it’s not very often I have a whinge about MSC but we are on the Bellissima in April from Hong Kong to Tokyo and only one internet package seems to be available. £130 for 1 device for unlimited data! So I am having a Yorkshire “How much” moment! I find that a tad excessive for 8 days so unless they have something better on board I won’t be able to do my Live from! and that is one of my favourite early morning, erm morning, erm afternoon ok all day activities on board. Not a happy bunny!
  15. To all the friends and fellow cruisers We have met through this wonderful forum. Nikki and Matt
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