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  1. I took a brand new, still in the package power board that showed on the package that it didnt have surge protection on my cruise last month on the Explorer of the Seas - it was confiscated ☹️. Our cabin steward was sympathetic and actually let us borrow his own for the 6 night cruise.
  2. Oh phew! That's good to know. Thank you! 😁
  3. I'm wondering the same thing... also, does this apply to all ships? I'm sailing on the Explorer in 11 days...
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! 🙂
  5. I revealed the surpise cruise I booked and paid for for my boyfriend and I just last week- I ended up getting a letter board and spelling it out on there with a picture of the ship etc- put the board back in the box it came in and wrapped that up (it was his anniversary/Christmas gift) - went down a treat!
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows if the following ports are tenders or are "walk off"? Newcastle Wollongong (Port Kembla) and Hobart We're sailing on RCI Explorer of the Seas if that makes any difference. 😁 Many thanks!
  7. The time to reveal is SO close!! 16 days and counting. I can't believe I've managed to keep this cruise a secret since the beginning of June! So I've found a letter board (see pic) that I'm going to "write" on to reveal the cruise... I'm going to give him the letter board in the box so he'll be "what the?" until he opens the box and reads the board. I'm going to print out a picture of the ship to put on there as well. I just dont know what to write on the board! Help a girl out??
  8. I'm going on this ship in February next year, I was excited by the pictures I'd seen, your video has just increased that 10 fold! Thank you for doing the blog and posting it! :D
  9. Ahh no problem. Thanks for that! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. So I'm well aware this may be a silly question but I'm going to ask it anyway :p I'm an Aussie and sailing on the Explorer next Feb when she's in Australia, just wondering if the electrical sockets will be American and should I be investing in an adapter? :confused:
  11. 243 until the Explorer 170 days until I can reveal the surprise cruise to the boyfriend!
  12. This is me too! I love taking the time to get ready for dinner- I can usually wash, blow dry and either straighten or curl my hair in about 40 minutes. Make up takes 10-15 mins depending how glam I want to go :D. While I'm getting ready, boyfriend goes and gets a cocktail or two to bring back to the cabin and we get some tunes going. It's great!
  13. Haha luckily my boyfriend is the opposite to your hubby! He's more than happy to sit back and let me plan our holidays together. I'll be springing the surprise on him a good 3 months before we go so he'll have some say in shore excursions etc. We're also both good friends with his boss at his work and socialise with the boss and bosses wife outside of work quite often so it was very easy for me to send him a sneaky message and confirm time off would be approved ;p That's a great idea about the RIC meet and mingle thread- I'll do that, thanks!!
  14. Deposit has been paid! *happy dance* I now have until 31st Oct to pay the remaining $1800 odd which is plenty of time. No more online shopping for me for a while!
  15. Hahaha very clever (and smart!) of you :D. My boyfriend will have 2ish months from when he finds out about the cruise to when we set sail so he'll have plenty of time to plan and pack (there's no way I'd pack for him!)
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