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  1. I think I got my levels mixed up, what ever the next one after gold is is what I meant.
  2. On board today, sailing 5 days.... so far quite an experience... our youngest son (4 years old) came down with a mighty bad fever about an our after boarding so rushed him down to the ship doctor... no word yet on cost but they were phenomenal, luckily I have pretty good health benefits at work and through my Visa that should cover it, just glad hes doing better (and not contagious so not confined to our cabin). This is our 5th cruise on Royal and our Emerald promotion cruise, still a long ways off from Pinnacle but slowly but surely. Our oceanviewroom was a GTY cabin, fairly happy with it, older ship so smaller room but nothing to complain about, still cozy. Staff on board really seem to enjoy the ship. Off to dinner, will post more later.
  3. Forgive my ignorance on this one as I'm sure it's been asked before, is there a supplement charged for studio rooms?
  4. Awesome! We really wanted a junior suite but our sailing was packed so just did a balcony room, turned out to be just enough space so worked out. I forgot to mention in my review that using the luggage porters saved us a good hour wait in line for customs (could have been just one of those days and a one off but the line was enormous) spring for the porter if you can though helps with having kids who dont like lines haha
  5. My oldest is 6 and he absolutely loved it, he thought it was going to be like going to school when we talked about it so he was a bit skeptical at start, once he went once he was begging to go back as often as possible.
  6. Hey there, sorry for the delay in replying.. we were on the Fascination last November... it mainly was some security issues we had on a tender in Belize and some food quality issues... so shouldn't be an issue on Breeze. I am more than confident it was a one off and wouldnt steer anyone away from Carnival.. I just feel more at home on Royal is all.
  7. Wow I never came across that page, thanks for sharing with me, was worried they were strict with the age policy when planning... he's the life of the party so we like having him interact with other children.
  8. Just completed the Oct 21st sailing on Oasis, with my wife and 2 kids (3 and 6).. some quick thoughts; - Food was considerably better than I remember from 3 years ago, definitely better selection than our last cruise on Adventure. - My time dining was a breeze to book and utilize, would recommend making reservations, seen long lines in the non reserved line every night. - our waiters, room steward and generally all staff on board were mind blowingly awesome, gracious and kind. - My oldest son loved Adventure Ocean, the AO team had him well engaged and he wished he could stay there 24/7! - My youngest son is 3, however he has Down Syndrome so is not yet potty trained, much to my surprise and delight the nursery staff welcomed him with open arms even though he was above the age limit... they loved having him there and he loved it too. (They were so accepting of him and accommodating that it made us so proud to sail with Royal). - Got a pretty bad sunburn in Labadee, but discovered Nellie's beach is so much calmer and less rocky/shelly than the main beach. Third time in Labadee so it is getting a bit tired for us. - Jamaica was great! We did a day pass at Jewel Runaway Bay because weve been pondering doing an all inclusive there and wanted to test it out.. would definitely recommend it! Great service, food was outstanding and so much for kids to do ($99 per adult and $50 per kid including transportation). - Cozumel is always a favourite for us, we always feel very safe there so we typically rent a veichle for the day and explore. Overall this cruise was a much needed vacation and completely validated my "Loyal to Royal" attitude, we tried Carnival last Dec and it was a trainwreck (my opinion only) so was so glad to be back with Royal again.
  9. just got back from an Oasis sailing with a 3 and 6 year old, they loved the stop in Labadee! Chose Nellie's Beach as there are less rocks and sharp shells at this beach (if any) compared to the other one. my oldest did the adventure ocean on board but not at Labadee so can't help with that one... I saw some stuff about a character tour though.
  10. Were in a similar situation in a few weeks, is there a car rental drop off closeby-ish? There's 5 of us (3 adults 2 kids) so I was thinking of dropping them all off at port and then dropping the car off and coming after.
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