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  1. I have been trying to use the search option but can not seem to get good results. On the old site I remember reading a post about which cabins would have the noise on deck 2 of the Vista/Horizon. Some one posted a picture of deck 2 plans showing which cabins would be considered safe from the noise. I can't find this post. Does any one remember the cabins? Remember the post? The one who posted it? Anything would help at this point!
  2. Do you happen to have a picture of the disembark times? Trying to decide what time to get off the ship. Do they do it by deck or by the luggage tag time you grab? Do you remember what the latest time is?
  3. mickeyhereicome

    Just off the Horizon

    Can you tell me what company you used for the St. Kitts excursion? Did you snorkel?
  4. We have 3 cabins booked for February cruise. We booked 2 and then my sister and her husband decided they wanted to join. My parents have one person in the cabin that would book cheers and my sister has one person in the cabin that would book cheers. Is there a penalty to change passengers around prior to sailing and prior to paid in full?
  5. mickeyhereicome

    Your Time Dining on Horizon Question

    So when the app was working, can you make a reservation for more then one cabin? We are a party of 8 in 3 cabins. Wondering if it will be easier to use the app or deck 5?
  6. mickeyhereicome

    What can Carnival do for Birthdays?

    My husband celebrated his birthday on our last cruise. They gave him a card with a $50 spa credit. It had a lot of restrictions (i.e had to be on port day, had to be for spa not salon). He used it on a men’s facial. He never had one before and absolutely loved it. So much so he wants to do it again. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Booking 2 balcony cabins on the Horizon and for the cabin of 2 only deck 6 and 9 are available. I am trying to get side by side cabins but the only ones available would be below the sitting area of the buffet. Do you hear anything? Chairs moving or stuff being dropped? We always book cabins with rooms above and below us. I don't like deck 6 because the balcony will be right above bbq or steakhouse.
  8. mickeyhereicome

    Opinions please on pricing on MSC Divina booking

    I just found it also. We need 2 cabins so booking this one as we type. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. mickeyhereicome

    Opinions please on pricing on MSC Divina booking

    I know that but had no knowledge of MSC. Decided on Monday we were going to take a cruise in February so then it became looking for the best itinerary. Narrowed it down to two but I guess I snoozed I lose.
  10. mickeyhereicome

    Opinions please on pricing on MSC Divina booking

    I decided on Monday we were going to cruise in February, so yes wasn't ready. Needed to decide which week for work and school and then what itinerary. Plus never heard of MSC until I was looking at itineraries, so had to do research.
  11. We are looking to take a cruise in February and I came across MSC. We have narrowed it down to MSC Divina and Carnival Horizon. I am sure either cruise we pick will be great. My issue is on Wednesday the Divina was $1500 less for a balcony then it is today. I realize cruises book and fill up but I wasn't ready to book on Wednesday. My question is do cabins open up? Where I might be able to upgrade from an oceanview to a balcony? Is MSC like other lines where near PIF day you see a lot open up? We always book balcony rooms and this is a 10 night cruise so its a must, however not $1200 more then Carnival must.
  12. mickeyhereicome

    Horizon noise from IMAX theater?

    What are the hours of the IMAX? I would assume they don't start too early and don't go that late?
  13. mickeyhereicome

    Seaside Kids Club

    We are thinking of going in February on Divina with our 9 and 10 year old. How was the kids club? What did you think of the line overall?
  14. mickeyhereicome

    MSC Kids Club

    Sorry can you clarify for me. NCL was geared more towards Southern Med families or did you mean MSC?
  15. mickeyhereicome

    MSC Seaside Kids Club Question

    Did you end up going on MSC with kids? We are thinking about going on the Divina with out kids.