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  1. The buffet for me at breakfast........it's good and obviously lots of it.........it lasts me until it's time for a coffee and cake sometime around 11 o'clock;)
  2. Without doubt Flam it's truly wonderful and the cruise in and out of Flam is spectacular
  3. Thanks very much for that. It explains why the departure lounge seemed very quiet compared to our first two departures. There were hundreds of passengers but the ladies working there didn't appear to be over worked as they sometimes do. Also the lines of passengers facing the check in desks were only two or three deep. Excellent explanation, thank you.
  4. Hi We have now cruised three times all with P&O and another booked. The first two cruises we arrived at the departure terminal about an hour before our due time and waited about half an hour or so before our number was called. The last cruise though we arrived about an hour early again and we were handed a black card which said 'fast track' and we were told to proceed straight to check in? We passed hundreds of people sat there with numbered cards and within 20 minutes were on the ship. Did we do something different this time? I really don't think we did so why did we get fast tracked? I'm not moaning just wondering how do we get that again? We never had a suite or anything different to the first two cruises. As I said we are not moaning as it was great going straight through and this is more out of curiosity than anything else.
  5. Earlier this month we berthed at the walkable berth but two years ago it was the berth with the shuttle bus, both cruises on Britannia I'm not sure if I can do links but if this works it's the link to one of the Bergen webcams. Wait until the camera turns to the far left and there are two ships where Britannia berthed this month which is the ideal berth. https://www.bt.no/nyheter/i/Ja9Lm/Vagen Of course the two ships will only be there for the next couples of hours or so.
  6. That made me laugh as my Uncle was a steward on the Mary and then Lizzie back in the 50s and early 60s :) Whenever he came home he would bring me records not available in this country at the time. I considered myself a 'Cunard Yank' for years:cool:
  7. First time in Norway the only time we lost wifi was when sailing in and out of Flam otherwise it was working but nothing to write home about. This time we didn't bother and used free wifi ashore which is easily found.
  8. I got the date wrong it was Sunday 22nd not the 27th. Is that when the video was taken?
  9. Thanks for that, does the brochure come out some time in September?
  10. We have our next cruise booked for October next year but I will want to book another for either April or May the following year in 2020. In your experience is it best to book as soon as they are advertised or book on board in October next year? I know this is a how long is a piece of string question but thought it worth asking as I've never booked on board before. Also am I correct in thinking the next brochure will out in September? Thanks for any guidance :)
  11. If it was taken on 27th April then yes I was there:) Very nice video and a great cruise:)
  12. The lift situation is far better on the aft and fore lifts in my opinion which is why I tend to use those lifts. Then if I'm only going up or down a few decks I use the stairs. The stern does tend to suffer from a soot problem on balconies but last time I was on a few weeks ago the problem didn't seem to be there.
  13. You're welcome, enjoy your cruise.
  14. Just print them out and take a photo for your phone job done. In fact I take pictures of everything including insurance papers and if you can put them on the cloud then you have them if needed
  15. We tend to use mainly fore and aft lifts and forget about the middle. Thirty minutes from the spa sounds rather a long time as the most we ever had to wait if using middle lifts was around two or three minutes.
  16. Thanks, I'm glad she got away in the end
  17. What time did she sail in the end? I was near Calshot at around midnight and there was no sign of her.
  18. We had two what looked like Swifts flying behind and landing on Britannia on the sea day coming back to Southampton from Bergen. I spoke to one of the waiters on the deck bar and he told me they are not allowed to feed or water the birds or assist them in any way as they would be 'told off' He went on by saying the birds would have to be reported to the environmental officer. The two birds seemed more than happy to be there and were not resting for long on the ship and off they would go again. I saw them at 7am and they were still there in the evening. I hope they made it all the way to England but will never know.
  19. In my opinion the only reason to do a two nighter is if you have two ships in mind but want to see them first. Other than that they are rushed and you may be put off cruising as you will think a real cruise would be the same, it isn't believe me. However if you treat it as just a weekend away and don't relate it to a cruise then go for it. I live in Southampton so it would be easy for me but one was enough and that was sometime ago.
  20. I was on only recently but now I'm not sure but deck 5 and 6 rings a bell. Someone who knows for sure will be on soon
  21. We had an American couple on our last holiday and they loved the Britishness of the ship and fellow passengers. They weren't just being polite they were really into it especially the sailaway which we tend to dodge. They did mention though that the British don't do real burgers:)
  22. Now with more experience I realise this but at the time I thought he was just unhelpful. I left the gratuity on but never gave him extra and yes I marked him down although he made great effort in asking me to give him top rating. I had only cruised once prior and was unsure of things. Now with three done and another booked I'm a bit wiser than I was.
  23. We both put our night clothes in a cupboard as well but never thought of the sheets etc. I guess it's because night attire is personal but bedding isnt as everyone uses sheets etc. It's like flannels it's more personal than towels............. As for requests being refused last year the safe wouldn't work properly so I asked the steward and he said it's nothing to do with him and I would have to go to reception to report it. Also the TV had a broken bracket and was at an angle which made it impossible to view in bed! Again it wasn't my problem was the reply from him. Overall he was ok but certainly not helpful.......
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