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  1. The fully accessible state rooms on the Carnival Vista have automatic door openers. For those that may use the ambulatory accessible rooms on Carnival but need this feature, the Carnival Conquest and Carnival Magic do not have automatic door openers on the stateroom door. One final aside, on Carnival ships, one needs to look carefully at the deck plans because the Conquest class has multiple decks that one in a wheelchair cannot traverse from front to back. Other ships in other Carnival classes and from other lines may have this same issue but I cannot speak to those.
  2. I have taken a TENS that is 9 volt battery powered and a TENS that is charged much like a cell phone on numerous cruises on RCCL, Carnival, and NCL without any issues. Both are roughly the size of a cell phone. The battery powered one has caused some concern going through airport security. I carry it in my bag for security rather than having it on and TSA saw the 9 volt. With just a small amount of extra screening, I was on my way. The one time I had the TENS pads on going through airport security after clearing customs, I got a good bit of extra attention that time.
  3. I was able to contact my insurance, provide the dates of my travel as well as the fact that I would be on a cruise and therefore unable to fill the scripts at a US pharmacy. They then provided an override in the computer system that let the pharmacy process it early. As far as insurance issues go, it was a pretty easy one to get resolve thankfully.
  4. My husband and I are excited to be doing this maiden voyage. We did the last European cruise on the Vista before it headed to the States and largely did private tours. We're definitely interested in joining with others on private tours as the time gets closer.
  5. @spookwife (Editing my comment after rereading your post. Tired eyes) Thanks! We were looking for ambulatory accessible. That's interesting to know. That being said, I think that it might have been a glitch in the system that caused it to show up as regardless of what "deal" we selected following that specific type of room within the category we got an error message. We got everything taken care of for getting a specific accessible room so we shall never know what the deal was with the guaranteed room showing up. @GUT2407 I totally agree it would be nice but I also understand why. Even within the inside category we were looking at for ambulatory accessible there were a bunch of variations in the room. Upper/lowers, rooms where they are set up so the twin beds can't convert into a king, "standard" inside rooms, insides without the hallway, etc. We picked one that will allow my wheelchair in more easily because it doesn't have the hallway. I have a really narrow wheelchair so can deal with the narrower doors on Carnival but the "hallway" on some of the rooms is a pain, not undoable just annoying.
  6. Has anyone booked an guaranteed room when needing an accessible room? Surprisingly when walking through the online booking for Carnival, after indicating the need for an accessible room and getting to the point of picking the deal, one of the options is a guaranteed room deal/package. This makes me nervous as it only says you will get a room in the category but they get to assign it but I cannot find any indications that it will definitely be accessible. I was wondering if anyone has gone this route with Carnival or another line and what your experience was. Thanks!
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