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  1. This was a long time ago. I had just bought plants for spring planting, so Plant came to me.
  2. https://www.murkowski.senate.gov/press/release/murkowski-sullivan-introduce-legislation-to-help-alaska-cruise-season
  3. We've got 8 inches of snow, 0 degree forecast for tonight, more snow tomorrow.😢 I've been here in Arkansas a long time and never seen anything like it! I'm ready to cruise someplace warm!
  4. I spoke too soon 😞 . Do I have to do that every day??
  5. Instead of stars or dots I only see boxes in front of subjects, posts, etc. How can I get those back? TIA
  6. The day I found CC I had just bought a lot of plants from a nursery. I'd planted most of them and was very tired, so I said "Plant"! So silly!
  7. Oh, no! I'm so sorry to lose my friend Roz :(. I'm glad that you have Horton. He must be very upset and depending on you to take care of him. Give him a hug from me, please. I'm brokenhearted.
  8. I'd love to cruise with both of you!
  9. We've used the same TA for years. I found her by the reputation of the agency she works with. I called and asked for a cruise specialist and there she was :) ! To us she's worth her weight (and more!) in gold. Asking for recommendations from friend's is a start. If I was taking a 7 day cruise I probably wouldn't bother her, but for a longer cruise she's indispensable!
  10. I'm sure she was answering for Princess since that's who I sail with most of the time. I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same on every line. I'd suggest you check with a TA rather than go with whatever you're told on a call to any cruise line's number. You can call 10 times and get 10 different answers! I'd like to hear what you learn because I'd like to do the same in 2022!
  11. I asked my wonderful TA this question and she said there shouldn't be a problem as long as the person joining you (or you, if you're generous!) pays their taxes, fees, tips, etc. You would have already paid a double fare even though you're solo. That really makes sense to me.
  12. I was just trying to help get you more answers. Diabetes has been discussed in the Disabled Forum. And I am familiar with it. "Piggy-backing" on a thread that's not diabetes specific won't get you as much help as posting a separate post.
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