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  1. Royal Caribbean canceled my cruise for 31 May on The Oasis, Requested a FCC on April 13th and received it last night, I am currently on hold trying to apply it to a future cruise that I had booked.
  2. wishful thinking on my part that she will still sail, but my gut tells me they’re going to cancel.🥺 was kind a looking forward to it as I believe my oasis cruise out of Cape liberty, At the end of May is probably going to cancel also.😫
  3. Does anyone know why the Sunrise, has completely disappeared out of the New York sailings? We were set to sail on her September 16 of this year? haven’t heard anything from Carnival, except for a discount on the cheers package that I received today.
  4. Anyone know the lineup of movies playing currently on the ships?
  5. Just booked a cruise with Carnival Casino Premier with DH’s offer. $500 obc, free drinks on us in casino for him and his companion (ME!). Some other things are thrown in also.
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