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  1. I'll happily take all of your lanyards, as opposed to complain about something given to me for free...
  2. When you do the online check-in before your cruise, add a credit card to your account. During the cruise when the line at guest services is short, stop by and add the gift cards. Never had a problem doing this.
  3. It showed up on it's own this time... I had a Delta offer on the card too, but it was only for very specific markets. I THINK the offers are somewhat targeted based on past card use. At least my Chase Visa cards are. I recently adopted a dog and made several purchases at PetSmart and Petco - now the majority of my Chase offers have something to do with pets!
  4. I know it won't work this time, but I like to book the latest flight possible and rent a car and make the drive down to Key West and back. It's a long drive, but it's something different to do and adds a bit of time to the vacation!
  5. I buy gift cards from Raise all the time - never had a problem - close to $10,000 this year! Sometimes the 'Raise Cash' takes a bit to credit back, but it will.
  6. Try reaching out to the casino folks too - they were incredibly helpful in making a change to a booking in the past.
  7. On some ships the spa and kids clubs are on the same deck. Stayed in a spa balcony on Victory with my nieces two years ago and it was very convenient - and they were quiet and behaved.
  8. Nice! Didn't think they had the full table setup in there like Horizon has
  9. Where is the Chef's table on the Breeze? We did it on Horizon last month and it was awesome!
  10. We always bring the Pedialyte powder packets... They'll help with hangovers, but also help with being dehydrated and exhausted!
  11. I'll sometimes pack each day's clothing in separate cubes, then just grab one each day! Forces me to think ahead when I pack and don't bring a bunch of clothes I won't wear!
  12. The direct link that worked last time isn't working this time - this offer is a bit different, only for Carnival! I checked before my first post 😞
  13. I'd call and ask if they'll refund part of your original payment and then charge the AMEX - they did that for me in the past.
  14. Try calling Carnival and see if they'll refund your original payment and charge your AMEX. They did that for me a couple of times to take advantage of similar offers
  15. Check your AMEX offers again - one popped up this morning for $75 of $350! This time it's Carnival only, valid until 8/19/19... I have one of the Delta cards.
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