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  1. OzNaiNai, Yes, I saw that you would be on the same route but on another cruise line. We have not been on Viking River but did take a Viking Ocean cruise last summer "Into the Midnight Sun", Norway, Scotland & England. We thought it was very good. With concern we saw a bit about the wildfires in Australia on the news last night. We have some empathy for the situation since California at times is plagued by wildfires. We have been fortunate that they are not in our immediate area but we have friends & relatives who have lost homes to wildfires. I remember the first time I saw snow as a teenager and the first time I was someplace while it was snowing when I was much older. We live near the ocean but the closest mountain with snow is only about a 2 hour drive away. You can surf in the ocean in the morning then be snow skiing in the afternoon on the same day. Safe travels!
  2. Glad I found this roll call! Interesting posts. Thanks to all for the contributions. We are sailing on 3/31 on AMASerena from Basel to Amsterdam. Our flight is to Zurich a few days early so we can spend 3 nights in Lucerne. Weather report says some rain & snow there. A bit different for a gal from the southern California beach area (although we are getting much more rain than normal). This is the only place I have found that addresses the current water levels on the Rhine. I am hoping we will have no interruptions.
  3. Thanks! So cool to get personalized answers here.
  4. I could probably find this out on line but quicker for me to ask here! Are Scottish pounds different from British pounds? I'm thinking the local currency we get in Lerwick, Kirkwall, Edinburgh can be used in London.
  5. Interesting website. Advice on tipping all over the world. I have it bookmarked. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I have not gone over the cruise docs for some time so I had better review soon! Very helpful. Nola
  7. Russ, Thanks and I agree with you completely! Your info has been so helpful. I know it will add to our experience starting next week! Enjoy your time in London too. Nola
  8. Thanks, Russ. I was looking more for a percentage perhaps only so I could have an idea of how much cash I should get from the ATM upon arrival in Norway. We do tip more than the customary when we get great service. Important to support the locals who add so much to our experiences. Nola
  9. Regarding local currency, you mentioned using cash for tips. What is the customary amount for tipping local guides. We are not shoppers so probably would need cash only for tips Loving all the info we are receiving from those on this trip now.
  10. Along this line, I would like to know if the ship suffered any rough seas and, if so, how stable it felt. I have never had sea sickness but wonder if I should go prepared with some preventive stuff. Nola
  11. Thanks, Russ! We do plan to layer. Wondered if enough rain to consider shoe protection such as travel galoshes.
  12. Russ (like your name - my dad & brother were Russ!), Thanks for taking the time to provide all this great info for us. We sail from Bergen on 6/30 on the Star. Trying to get al our ducks in a row! I have not seen much here on the weather. From the forecasts I am getting online, it looks like we will have quite a few days of rain/showers. How has it been for you? I'm coming up with temps ranging from a high of 75 in Geiranger to a daytime high of 51 in Lofoten (Leknes). Nola
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