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  1. Only one logical explanation - gremlins 😲
  2. Well, just for yucks and giggles I tried doing the edit with Internet Explorer (I was using Chrome when I checked in the first time) and there big as life was the screen just like PCWalton had posted. Clicked on the option for cash and finished the check-in for myself and my wife. So basically their website is coded to IE and won't handle cross-browser issues. As a software consultant I'm kind of shocked at their IT people, that's a huge no-no these days.
  3. Ok, I finally couldn't take it any more and called RCI. According to the rep I spoke to, there has been a very recent update to the app and the website software that now requires credit card information to complete the online check-in (thus the wording at the top of the page that says guests who don't complete the credit card info must check in at the port). She was not aware of it and had to contact her support team to find out why I wasn't getting that option. Cash accounts have to be set up at the pier, she can't even make the change on her end any more. So apparently now if you want to check in online you have to give them credit card info. Not sure if the RCI call-in center is like the Princess call-in center, but with Princess you could call 5 times get 5 different reps and 5 different answers. For what it's worth it didn't sound like I got the usual offshore call-in center this time.
  4. When I try that, here is what I get. Notice it says at the top "Guests who do not provide credit card information must complete check-in at the port"
  5. Ok, so basically I AM losing my mind 🙂 I swear I didn't see any box...really 😲
  6. Didn't think to try that. With my luck I would have blown something up doing that though 🙂
  7. If you would let me know if you have the same experience as I did that would be cool. Would like to think I'm not losing my mind 🙂
  8. I agree and I'm one of them. It's just waaayyyyyy too easy to hand over that SeaPass card if it's attached to a credit card. With virtually everything paid for in advance I don't see the need to have anything other than a cash account for incidentals, and if (god forbid 🙂 ) we do make a larger purchase on board I will just go to Guest Services and pay for it right then.
  9. Not that I saw, and I specifically looked for something like that. I suppose it's possible I missed it but I did scroll all up and down the entire screen and looked. The other strange thing was that it also wouldn't let me continue unless I put in separate credit card info for my wife, even though my credit card info that I had just entered defaulted to her. I just repeated the same card info and it was fine with that, but seemed unnecessary.
  10. No big deal if I can make the change to a cash account once I get there, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't done something wrong that I should call in to correct.
  11. I have the app but I used my computer to check in. I hate typing on my iPhone....big thumbs 🙂 The SetSail passes come up fine on the app now that check-in is completed.
  12. It wanted all of it...name, number, expiration date. I figured there would be a place to opt for a cash account, but nope. It was either credit card or no online check-in
  13. I tried just clicking continue without putting in the credit card info but I got the red naughty text saying I had to check in at the port if I didn't give it up and couldn't go any further.
  14. Hi all, sorry for what are probably dumb newbie questions but this is only my second RCI cruise and the first was quite a while ago, so I don't remember. Online check-in just opened up for my Allure cruise and I was able to complete it, but have 2 questions: I wanted to have a cash account, but online check-in would not let me complete the process without entering credit card information. Is this something I should change when I check in at the port or should I call RCI? Once the online process completed, I was able to print our SetSail passes, but the luggage tags still show as "pending". Is this normal or did I do something wrong? Thanks for your help 🙂
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